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it allowed them faster transportation.

supplies reached places faster which allowed people to have more time to make things like art,clothing, etc...
It made locomotion easier and goods could be easily transported to the country.

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Q: How did the steam engine change peoples lives?
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How do steam trains change peoples lives?

It change because now we don't have to use steam trains, we have machines that are already are possible to get on with the job so we are very luck and people use to work day and night but now look at the freedom we have.

What invention has made the biggest change in peoples life?

Probably the wheel, although there are a lot of other inventions that were also extremely important such as the printing press and the steam engine.

What the change up of 18th to 19th century in cloth and why?

The steam engine

What kind of energy does a steam engine change to?

Heat And Kinetic Energy

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How did the steam engine change transportetion in America?

It made travel faster and cheaper.

What type of combustion engine in the steam engine?

A steam engine is an external combustion engine. As the steam engine combusts outside of the engine itself.

How does steam engine make your lives faster?

It makes mine life faster because now they can make clothing

What was the rotary steam engine?

A rotary steam engine was a fire engine basically

A kind of engine that uses water steam?

A steam engine?

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the steam engine was improved in 1769.