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Q: How did the terrible transformation happen?
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Describe the terrible transformation that Africans experienced because of the Maafa?

Terrible transformation is when slaves behave terrible.

Can you be a werewolf when you are born?

You can but the simptoms or the transformation will not happen until puberti

What would happen if you don't have skin?

You'd die of a terrible death

When energy transformation happen energy is never?

Energy is never created nor destroyed.

What happen if you take nitroquick and you are not having chest pain?

You'll get a terrible headache.

What happen to dry ice if it is left on a table?

Sublimation - transformation in carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.

How do you fell about pollution?

It is one of the most terrible things to happen to this Earth. Every kind of it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Funny Things Happen Down Under - 1965?

The cast of Funny Things Happen Down Under - 1965 includes: Bruce Barry as Frank Kurt Beimel Tanya Binning Robert Brockman as The Terrible Ten Gavan Ellis as The Terrible Ten Susanne Haworth as Teena William Hodge Joanna Mirams as The Terrible Ten Howard Morrison Beverly Murch as The Terrible Ten Fiona Orr as The Terrible Ten Melissa Orr as The Terrible Ten Rodney Pearlman as Rodney, The Terrible Ten Frank Rich Ian Turpie as Lennie

What will happen if you do have a bra on?

There is no way to know what would happen if you have a bra on. Some people have marvelous days with bras on, while other people have terrible days.

What is the unfortunate events about?

Three orphans who have terrible things happen to them by a scary man but they persevere through it all

What is the process in which bacteria take up pieces take up pieces of DNA from their environment?


What will happen if there is no heat in energy transformation?

That is normal for example when energy is transformed from mechanical directly into electrical i a generator, or electrical to mechanical in a motor.