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Q: How did the type of ball affect your results and why?
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Does the type of ball affect how far it will role?


Does the type of ball affect how well you shoot a basket?

In most cases, the type of ball does affect how well you shoot the basket. The grip must be just right for the person, along with the inflation of the ball, and several other characteristics, which affect how well you shoot a basket. Sometimes, it isn't the ball, but the way you shoot the ball. No

Does the type of ball affect how far it rolls?

Yes it does as the type of ball effects how it interects with the world. That is how it reacts with the surface it is on or how it reacts with the air around it.

Does the type of soccer field affect the bounciness of a soccer ball?


Do results affect causes?

Results do not effect Causes. Causes affect Results.

Does the type of stringing affect how you cradle or shoot the ball?

Yes, it also affects what kinds of shots you can do.

How does wrist flexion affect the volleyball spike?

if you snap your wrist while hitting a ball, it creates topspin, and makes the ball harder to return for the other team.. if you hit with a stiff wrist, it causes the ball to float, and usually results in the ball being hit out.

Does gravity affect a soccer ball when it falls?

yes!.... it will affect a soccer ball when it falls because if the gravity affects you, it will affect a ball.

Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?

The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air, but it does affect the air inside the ball.

Held ball in basketball?

Results in a jump ball.

Does the type of ball including different mass or inflatability affect how high the ball bounces?

Talking on the likeness of theory it is likely that different balls hence diffence in the matrial it is made of so yes it will affect the bounce

Which type of energy as a result of a change in position or condition?

This form of energy results from the fact that there is the potential for the wrecking ball to do work.