How did the union ship monitor and the confederate ship change the navy's around the world?

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How long does it take a cruise ship to travel around the world?

This is a difficult question, as cruise ships have different top speeds, and what route would the ship take? Can it fit through the Panama Canal? Are you asking about the length of a World Cruise which includes stops at many ports, or simply how long would it take a ship to travel from New York, go ( Full Answer )

Union ironclad ship?

The USS Monitor was the first Union submarine (it was, in reality, only semi-submersible). The USS Merrimac(k) was salvaged by the Confederate Navy and plated with iron (iron clad) and commissioned as the CSS Virginia. The Monitor and the Virginia went at it in the Battle of Hampton Roads. This ( Full Answer )

How many days would it take for a cruise ship to travel around the world?

Let's assume that the cruise ships speed is about 20 knots per hour - this translates into about 23 MPH. Figuring that the world is ~25,000 miles in circumference at the equator, it would take 1,086 hours or 45 days to make that sailing voyage. Of course, this is assuming that no ports of call ar ( Full Answer )

What is a ship?

A ship is a water-borne vessel larger than a boat, distinguishedfrom a boat usually by being submersible.

Confederate ironclad ship?

the Virginia it was a large ship covered in well iron(betcha didn't see the one coming

What was the union ironclad ship?

Perhaps the most famous Union ship of the American Civil War, the'U.S.S. Monitor' was the Union's ironclad that did battle with theConfederate ironclad, the 'Virginia,' in March of 1862. Fightingits Southern opponent to a draw, the 'Monitor' continued to servethe North until late 1862, when it sank ( Full Answer )

Union ship captured by the south?

The Union ship called the USS Merrimack was captured by the South.The ship had been burned by the Union forces, but the Confederateforces took it and rebuilt it into an ironclad ship. It was renamedas the CSS Virginia.

What is shipping?

Shipping is the process of sending an item from one place to another. There are no restrictions on size or distance for an item to be "shipped". Shipping can cover: Freight, Parcel, Packages or Cargo.

How to turn a cruise ship around?

older ships have a rudder, now they use azimuth thrusters, which are pods housing propellers that can rotate 360 degrees and provide optimum maneuverability

What are some of Jamaica's products that are shipped around the world?

Thousands of Jamaican products are shipped around the world. Please visit the folllowing sites for jamaican t shirts, Jamaica shoes, Jamaica olympic (USAIN BOLT 9.58 & 19.19), rasta and reggae t-shirts and other apparel for men, women and children as well as caps, tote bags, hoodies, ringer, ragla ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the first ship to sail around the world?

It was not the Mayflower, but the Victoria was the only surviving ships out of the five he took with them. Sadly he was unable to make it back home, even though his wife and son which was born after he left died already. Where i get my facts are from a book called "Ferdinand Magellan the First Voyag ( Full Answer )

The explorer whose ship was the first to sail around the world was?

The first explorer to sail his ship around the world was FerdinandMagellan. He set sail in 1519 with five ships, the San Antonio,Trinidad, Santiago, Victoria, and the Concepcion. Though Magellanwas killed in 1521, one of his ships, the Victoria, made it back toSpain almost exactly three years after ( Full Answer )

What were the confederates ships called in the civil war?

I believe what you are looking for is the well known CSS Virginia (better known as the Merrimac). Another well known confederate vessel was the CSS Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy ship.

Monitor was the first us ship to have what?

Armored revolving turret. The USN's last monitors were used in the Vietnam War; they had either 40mm or 105mm cannons mounted in armored revolving turrets.

In which ways have ship building changed?

Ship building has become more computerized and safer since back in the days. Modular style building has largely replaced rib style building previously used in old ship yards. It provides easier construction and more measure of control over the build of the ships than before along with giving the wor ( Full Answer )

What ships did the Union and Confederate navies experimented with?

They really developed the Iron Clads, the forerunners of the modern ships with armored sides. Submarines were also experimented with, the Confederates having a submarine that successfully attacked a Union ship, but then sank with all hands.

Which confederate ship in the famous battle of the ironclads?

The CSS Virginia, captured from the Union as the USS Merrimac, renamed and rebuilt as an ironclad. The ship continued to be known unofficially as the Merrimac, probably because "the Monitor and the Merrimac" had a nicer ring to it.

How were the Merrimac and the Monitor different from other ships of their time?

They were called ironclads because instead of being made entirely of wood, they had metal sheeting over the top of the ships. The Monitor looked more like a submarine than a ship.. The "deck" was barely above the water and it had a round turret that could swivel and fire a cannon. The other ship was ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the Union ironclad ships?

There was a fleet of Union ironclads built that fought all along the coast of the Southern States as well as up the Mississippi River and the tributaries. The names were varied, but iron clad was the standard reference. The one remembered by history was the USS Monitor which engaged the first Con ( Full Answer )

What ship was the first to sail around the world?

Eighteen survivors of Ferdinand Magellan's final voyage under the command of Juan Sebastian Elcano returned to Spain on September 8, 1522, completing the first human circumnavigation of the known world in the Spanish Carrack, "Victoria".

How does Bulgaria ship goods around the world?

Bulgarian privately owned marine vessels as well as International liners ship (export) goods through its 2 major sea ports- Varna and Bourgas. As well from Bulgaria goods are carried by road/rail to other nearest neighboring European sea ports (for Instance, TheSaloniki, Greece; Bosfor, Istanbul, Tu ( Full Answer )

What confederate blockade runner was the first ship in the world entirely built of steel?

Banshee : length 220', beam 20'4", draft 10', speed 15 knots. One of the first purpose-built blockade runners, and one of the first steel ships ever constructed for the Atlantic trade. Captured on her ninth trip, but had generated a 700% return on her investment for her owners by that time. She wa ( Full Answer )

What type of ship was the USS monitor classified as?

The USS Monitor and it's Confederate counterpart the CSS Merrimack are classified as "ironclads", basically gunships built with traditional hulls, but topped with an impenetrable iron deck.

What did they change about ships after the Titanic?

Lifeboats for everyone on board, lifeboat drills, 24 hour Morse code listening on all ships with a Morse code device, the International Ice Patrol looking for ice in the North Atlantic. Bulkheads that go higher and not just above the water line. Better treatment of people of all classes, (on the Tit ( Full Answer )

Was the Merrimac a Union ship?

The USS Merrimac had been s ship of the US (Union) Navy. She was in drydock at the Navy base at Norfolk, Virginia when the Rebels were about to capture the Navy Yard, so the withdrawing Union sailors set her on fire, and she burned down to the waterline. The Rebels took what was left of her and buil ( Full Answer )

Why did union ships attempt to blockade confederate ports?

By blockading Southern ports in adherence to the Anaconda Plan, the North deprived the South of its ability to export cotton, and other surplus crops, overseas, or to import much needed arms and ammunition. It eventually led to the slow starvation and strangulation of the South by denying the enemy ( Full Answer )

How many men and ships survived the first journey around the world?

The first one we have a record of was a Spanish expedition of five ships and a crew of about 270 led by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, who was silly enough to meddle in local politics in the Philippines and was killed. Four of the ships were lost, and one the Vittoria made it back t ( Full Answer )

What was a monitor ship during the civil war?

The USS Monitor was an advance in ironclad warships in its time. It had a rotating turret on which a canon was mounted. It was part of the US Civil War sea battle at Hampton Roads. It fought against the CSS Virginia. This was the first battle between ironclad warships in history. The battle was a st ( Full Answer )

What caused the monitor ships to be important to the Union Navy in the US Civil War?

The USS Monitor was an important part of the US Navy during the US Civil War. The first monitor was built in New York City shipyards using the model & design of John Ericsson. This ironclad was sent to Hampton Roads in order to support the Union ships helping in the Peninsula campaign. The warship ( Full Answer )

What was the advantage the Union had with regard to ship building?

The Union's advantage in ship building was the locations of theirshipyards. Seven of the nine naval yards were in the North andlocated far from harm's way during the war, with a small exceptionto be mentioned later. The naval yards were in New York, Boston,Philadelphia, Washington, Portsmouth, New H ( Full Answer )

Where were Confederate artillery batteries placed to harass Union shipping on the Potomac River?

In late 1861 Confederate batteries just a few miles south ofWashington made navigation of the Potomac too dangerous for unarmedvessels with out heavy Naval escort. . In September 1862 Secretary of the Navy Gideon Wells recorded hehad been disappointed with General McClellan, commander of the Armyof ( Full Answer )