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The union didn't use turtles as their primary source of food.

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Q: How did the unions from that of the confederacy?
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What was the unions 3 pronged plan of attack against the confederacy?

Anaconda Plan

What was the most important river in the unions tactic of splitting the confederacy in two?

The Mississippi River

What physical feature was vital in the unions plan to cut the confederacy in half?

The Mississippi River

What were the unions weaknesses?

They lacked great leaders, and at the beginning of the war were not fighting with as much devotion to the cause as the Confederacy.

What was the unions plan to defeat the confederacy?

well there were 3 plans 1. to make a blockade of the ports 2. to capture the Mississippi river (the heart of the confederacy) 3. the anaconda plan!

What was the capital of the Confederacy during the US Civil War?

Richmond, VAThe Confederate capital during the civil war was Richmond Virginia. In the unions plan "Anaconda Plan", one was to capture the capital of the confederacy

How many slaves fought on the unions side?

By the end of the war, nearly 180,000 former slaves had enlisted in the army and fought against the Confederacy.

What was the name of the unions plan to win the war?

The original plan by Winfield Scott was nicknamed the Anaconda Plan, because it was like slow strangulation of the Confederacy.

Did the Unions have better weapons than the Confederacy?

Yes, especially artillery. The new rifle-barrelled long-range guns changed the art of gunnery.

What is a sentence using the word blockade about the unions plan for winning the war?

Blockade the Southern ports, to prevent the Confederacy importing war material in exchange for cotton.

What was the unions goal at the start of the civil war?

the goal was called the anaconda plan it was supposed to suffocate the Confederacy so they cant get they supplies and their goal was also to preserve thew union.

Did America win the civil war 2?

There was only one. the union won, since if the Confederacy won US would be divided into 2 unions instead of only one..

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