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The big bang started over 100000000000000 milion years ago.The earth started off colder then Russia, but now its riseing temps is dramaticly causing global warming

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Quite a lot. At that time, the Universe was extremely hot and dense. There were no atoms, no stars and galaxies, and no living beings.

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Q: How did the universe change after the big bang?
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What is a result of the big bang?

The big bang began the expansion of spacetime with great rapidity. The Universe began with the Big Bang. In other words both space and time began at the big bang. The big bang started the Universe from the point t=0.

Is there any chance to occur the big bang without universe?

Our concept of the "big bang" has no explanation about how or why, but our hypothesis is that there was NOTHING before the Big Bang created the universe.

How the temperature of the Universe dropped after the Big Bang?

The big bang was the BEGINNING of the universe so there was no temperature before it :P

What does the Big Bang theory tell us about the universe?

The Big Bang Theory tells what happen at the begning of the universe. How the Earth comes into the universe

Event that marks the beginning of the universe?

Current theory is the Big Bang

How did the size of the universe change?

In the immediate aftermath of the "Big Bang" there was rapid inflation of the universe. That slowed and the universe is now believed to be still, slowly, expanding.

What did Astronomers theorize that the universe began in an explosion called an?

big bang: This is the big bang theory

Was the big bang the first thing to ever happen?

In the current model of the universe the big bang was the 1st thing to happen in the universe since time itself was created in the big bang.

How universe was made?

Big Bang!

What the universe began from?

big bang

Why do you have a universe?

because of the big bang

Why do you have the universe?

because of the big bang