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Q: How did the us and the USSR become world powers after World War 2?
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Why was the cold war a world wide affair?

Because the US and the USSR were world powers. World powers are called world powers because they EFFECT the world.

Who are the two world super powers after world war 2?


What are the three big powers of world war 2?

Us, uk, ussr

Who were the two super powers that came out of World War 2?

The US and the USSR .

What countries were the two super-powers after World War 2?

The USA and the USSR

When did the US and USSR become nuclear powers?

US: 1945. USSR: 1949

Who were 3 main allied powers in World War 2?

USSR Britain US

Was USSR part of the axis powers in World War 2?

no, they were part of the allies forces

Was Great Britain with the allied powers?

The main Allied Powers in World War 2 were the US, USSR and the British Empire.

Which were the two world powers opposed to each other during the Cold War?

ussr and the us of a

Who were the major Allied powers in World War 2?

France, Britan, China, USSR and the US.

How did stalin become famous?

His fame from from becoming the dictator of the USSR. He gained world-wide notoriety from his mass murders, but also for his and the USSR's part in the Second World War.