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Because it gave them early warning when the Luftwaffe or German air force were about to attack somewhere across the English Chanel . the RAF had time to challenge them & down them before they got to there destination.

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Are you perhaps asking about chaff, used to jam enemy radar?

Yes, radar helped to pick up German aircraft after about 1940.

The RAF never bombed England - they were fighting FOR Britain.

Yes, radar and also listening posts helped detect incoming aircraft, but it took fighters to destroy them.

Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging) gave the British air force forewarning of the oncoming German air force (Luftwaffe) . The British pilots were able to meet the German threat in the air .

RADAR was invented in England. That gave them an advatage in the air and on the coast. Eventually Germany had it but their radar system was not as good.

Royal Radar Establishment Automatic Computer was created in 1962.

The Royal Artillery is responsible for the firepower of the British Army and copious regiments across the United Kingdom and a few in the North-Western region of Germany. According to the British Army website, the Royal Artillery supplies the British Army with radars.

who invented the radar

British aircraft and British radar defeated the German Air Force, (the Luftwaffe), in WWII in 1940 and won the Battle of Britain.

Britain had developed coastal radar stations which gave them advance knowledge of impending air attacks. Having this knowledge enable the Royal Air Force to concentrate their defending fighters in the area of an attack.

The Royal Air Force, Spitfires and Hurricanes, and Radar. Radar spotted the German airplanes coming and the Spitfires and Hurricanes shot them down. If it were not for Radar, Spitfires and Hurricanes, the Germans would have tried to invade England. Thank goodness for Radar, Spitfires, Hurricanes and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The most usual answer would probably be Radar. However, the Germans also had radar at the same time as the British, but used it differently. Although radar gave the RAF advanced warning of approaching enemy aircraft, the way the information was used to vector fighter squadrons to their targets was probably the main reason the RAF held the Luftwaffe at bay during the batle of Britain.

Made from a Composite Material. Strong light and not able to be detected by the radar.

James I. Metcalf has written: 'On the origin and structure of radar echo layers in the clear atmosphere' 'The fortieth anniversary history of weather radar research in the U.S. Air Force' -- subject(s): History, Radar meteorology, U.S. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, U.S. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Weather Radar Branch

As far as I know, radar was invented by a Hungarian scientist named Zoltan Bay. That radar was first used in World War II by the British troops.

When the British invented toe radar, it gave them a huge advantage over the Germans in World War Two.Radar was kept a closely guarded secret by the British in World War Two, even from most allies, because nobody could be trusted.The airliner has vanished from the radar.Submarines use sonar underwater and usually have radar attached to their periscopes for surface detection.

Mostly for radar and improving technologies. The Radar was discovered with a test, when a plane flew over and made the reaction. This gave British scientists the idea of radar.

One of the first uses was during the Battle of Britain. British radar would detect oncoming German airplanes and the British would send up the Supermarine Spitfire to shoot down fighters and the Hawker Hurricane to shoot down bombers. Radar let the British use their aircraft to their best advantage. Instead of constantly flying air patrol, they could take off when the enemy was coming, and attack them where they were. It was the advantage of radar that enabled the British to defeat the Germans and showed once and for all time, the importance of radar in air combat.

Doesn't affect me - I obey the speed limit !

The address of the Air Force Radar Museum Association Inc is: 9976 Stoudertown Rd NW, Baltimore, OH 43105-9444

British airfields and radar installations.

Radar is used in many aspect of our lives from child detection or distance measuring on our cars to image formation in place. Most if not all radar measure range. It was developed by the British (whom still lead the field) in WW2 to locate German planes at night or get early warning of raids. Since then Radar used as expended to place vehicles, imaging terrain avoidance, sports speed measuring equipment and police speed traps.

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