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How did the war affect music today?

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There are many ways in which the war affected music today. It had an impact on the forces used to make music.

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How did World War 2 affect music?

how world war 2 affect music

How did the civil war affect the way you live in the US today?

how did the civil war affect the way you live in the united states today

How did World War 1 affect art and music?

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How does World War 2 affect the US today?

it affect us today because.... we miss the people that died fighting for our country.

Does music today affect us today than it did in the 1970s?

Yes && no it really depends on yourself invidually because it could affect you but not anyone else. It also depends on what your taste in music. Yes && no it really depends on yourself invidually because it could affect you but not anyone else. It also depends on what your taste in music.

How did Dorothea Dix affect the outcome of the civil war?

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How did the Vietnam war affect younger generations of today?

not only the war and the development of technology around the war but the resistance to the war at home. also there are a lot of homeless vets out there today.

How does Bach's music affect music today?

I has shown us what talented work Bach composed and how awesome his mother was at cooking.

How does the Renaissance still affect us today?

The renaissance affects us today by giving us music, art, literature, and poetry.

How does Rossini's music affect music today?

Gioachino Antonio Rossini the popular Italian composer composed operas, sacred music and chamber music. His affect on music today would be highly subjective and would need research on the modern composers - biographies etc - to see if in fact his music influenced any modern composer. Some basic links are listed below that should help your research.

What are the Civil War Amendments and how do they affect the Constitution today?

amendments 13-16

How did Ulysses S. Grant affect us today?

By ending the Civil War, because the war could still be going on today for all we know.

How does the Mexican American War affect America today?

If you live in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah or Nevada today, it is because of the Mexican American War.

How does Harriet Tubman's life affect us today?

in the slavery time and the civi war

How is the Beatles music similar to the popular music that we have today?

They influenced the music we have today.

Why did was music used to recruit men for battle in the civil war?

Both sides used music to recruit men during the Civil War because it worked. Music works in advertising today. Can you think of a tune you can not get out of your head?

How does World War I affect Germany today?

World War 1 (1914-1918) ceased to affect Germany a long time ago. A lot has happened to Germany since WW1.

Can music affect your dreams?

Yes. Music can have a great affect on dreams.

How did mozarts music effect music today?

It doesn't. Music today is nothing compared to music then. Music was music. Now it is just a bunch of noise.

What were fashion and music like after World War 2?

Just like today, changing all the time.

The bible affect the lives of christians today?

The bible affect the lives of christians today?The bible affect the lives of christians today?

Does music affect reflexes?

Yes, music can affect the reflexes. Music is also known to affect the mood of human beings and the overall brain activity.

Why does music effect the way we act?

how does music effect people today?how does music effect people today?

How does the stamp act affect us today?

the stamp act effects us today because it mad3e the war so their for if it would not have happened w wouldnt have had the war and todays life would not be the same

When was General Music Today created?

General Music Today was created in 1991.

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