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How did the war goals of the Union and Confederacy differ?

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The North wanted to force the south to rejoin the union and to keep the union together. The north was split in the want of ending slavery and containing it in the south and not letting it move into territories in the west.

The south's goal was to be left alone and let them be their own country. The south of course wanted to preserve slavery. Though interesting enough, the south's newly written constitution include the outlawing of importing slaves from foreign lands.

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What were the union goals in the US Civil War?

To defeat the Confederacy and put an end to slavery.

What were the goals policies of the confederacy?

The main goal of the union was to preserve the union, until the emancipation proclamation changed the reason of the war to slavery.

What opposed the confederacy?

Who opposed the Confederacy?The Union opposed the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Union was the North and the Confederacy was the South.

Who won the war between the confederacy and union?


What opposed the confederacy during the civil war?

the union opposed the confederacy in the civil war.

Who During civil war who opposed the confederacy?

The union opposed confederacy.

During the civil war was Texas a member of the confederacy or the union?


Who were the presidents of the Union and Confederacy in the US Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln for the Union; Jefferson Davis for the Confederacy

In the civil war were California and Oregon in the confederacy or the union?

The Union

WHo won the civil war the union or the confederacy?

The union won

Who won the war of the confederacy or union?

union but nether really

How did the war goals in the civil war differ between Union and Confederacy?

The goals of the Civil War changed for the Union from 1861 to 1863. Initially the war was fought to preserve the union of the states and to unite all the states under the Federal government. By 1863, the Government's goals were expanded to include the elimination of slavery of and the freeing of any slaves in the Confederate states. The Confederate Government ( CSA) goal remained the same, to separate from the Union and to establish an independent government. The CSA fought to keep the Union invaders out of their territories and to force the Federal Government to negotiate for peace and settle for the separation of the two regions of the United States under two governments.

How did the Union depend on the Confederacy?

It didn't. The Confederacy was the government formed by those states attempting to leave the Union. The two were at war. Michael Montagne Actually, the Union did depend on the Confederacy. With out the confederacy's contributions to the war and *mistakes* the Union would have never won.

Was Tennessee part of the confederacy or the union once the civil war started?


A sentence with confederacy?

During the Civil War, the Confederacy tried to secede from the Union.

What opposed the confederacy in the civil war?

The Union or Federal forces opposed the Confederacy.

Who opposed union in the civil war?

The Confederacy....

Who was involved in the Civil War?

The union and the confederacy.

Who was included in the civil war?

Union and Confederacy

What caused the American Civil War conflict?

The American Civil War was a dispute over the Union and the Confederacy. The war was about the Confederacy (the south) wanting to split off from the Union due to slavery laws in the Union.

What happened between NC and the Confederacy?

North Carolina vs. the Confederacy! The Confederacy was trying to North Carolina (NC) to stay with the Confederacy. The Union was nicest to NC so, the Confederacy could lose one of it's states or possibly see if NC could help make the Confederacy give up and let the Union win! At the end of the Civil War, the Union wins anyway!!! The Civil war lasted for six years (1860-1865). NC is still with the Confederacy after the Civil War is done with. After the Civil War, they start Reconstruction to rebuild the Union and the Confederacy!There are seven Confederacy States and twenty-one Union starts durign the Civil War!!! -Christy

What is a sentence using Confederacy and Union?

During the Civil War, the capitals of the Confederacy and the Union were only about 100 miles apart. Although the Confederacy was geographically larger than the Union, it had a much lower population.

Why did the union need Virginia?

The Union did not need Virginia. Virginia seceded and joined the Confederacy and the Confederacy still lost the war.

Who were Leaders of Confederacy and Union during the Civil War?

Jefferson Davis led the Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln led the Union.

When did the confederacy declare war on the union?

April 12th 1861 at 4:30 amPCH answer:When did the Confederacy declare war on the Union, starting the U.S. Civil War? Your Answer: May 6, 1861 CorrectDid you know:The Confederacy declared war May 6,1861.

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