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The hung John Brown in 1859.

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Q: How did they kill John Brown?
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Did John Brown kill slave supporters?


Why did john brown kill 5 people?


How many people did john brown kill in the raid of Harper ferry?

John Brown killed 7 innocent people in the raid of Harper ferry

Why did the south not like the john brown?

John Brown was trying to get slaves to revolt and kill all the free men and women. That made him pretty well disliked.

Did abolitionists kill slave owners?

No, but that was what John Brown clearly had in mind.

How many people did john brown kill?

John Brown killed 5 people at Pottawatomie Creek

Who executed John Brown Gordan?

osama bin laden did i saw him kill him

Where did john brown kill 5 people and led a raid?

harper's ferry

Why did john brown kill the people at pottawatomie?

It was a retaliation for the burning of the town of Lawrence by the southerners settlers.

What did John Brown hope to do with the firearms?

Arm freed slaves in a revolt, so that they could kill their masters.

What was john brown's family life as an adult?

Violent. He took his sons with him to kill murder people in Kansas and they were with him at Harpers Ferry.

Who ordered john brown to attack the men at pottowamic creek?

There was no one who ordered John Brown to attack the men at Pottowamic Creek. the Pottowamic Massacre was band together abolitionist settlers to kill five settlers north of Pottawatomie Creek.

What did sir john a MacDonald think of the confederation in charlottown?

He wanted confederation. It was because in the great coalition, john a macdonald wanted to kill george brown but he couldn't so in order to kill him, Macdonald wanted Conderation.

What kind of butterfly is the fuzzy brown caterpillar?

the fuzzy brown caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis in its cocoon of human flesh to become John Carpentar. In our century there has been only one hatching of John Carpentar, for the obvious reason that everyone knows when you see a big brown fuzzy you must kill it immediatley...

What did John Brown do at Harpers Ferry?

he went in the middle of the night into there homes to kill all the people who believed in slavery and slaughtered them.(brutally)

Do you address the letter as Mr John Brown Esq or John Brown Esq?

John Brown, Esq

Why John brown is a hero?

who is John brown!

How many people did John Brown kill in total?

The anti slavery abolitionist John Brown successfully captured the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry in Virginia. Before he was captured by Col. Robert E. Lee, at least two civilians were killed as they tried to capture John Brown and his men. Brown could have been charged with murder, kidnapping and sedition against the United States however the Governor of Virginia charged him with a strange charge of treason against the State of Virginia.

Was linda brown related to john brown?

absoultly not, Linda Brown was African American and John Brown was Halfrican.

Captured John Brown?

John Brown was captured by the authorities after his attempted raid on Harper's ferry. John Brown was an American abolitionist.

Who is John brown parents?

lisa brown and john brown sr. his brothers are andrew maz

What clothes did John Brown wear?

What did John brown wear

Was John Brown University named after abolitionist John Brown?


Can a brown bear kill a koala?

If brown bears and koalas lived on the same continent, it is entirely possible that a brown bear could kill a koala. However, given that their respective continents are half a world apart, a brown bear would not kill a koala.

Did jeb Stuart use excessive force when subduing John brown?

No. Brown was seeking to raise a slave army to kill slave owners, and Stuart's men had to stop him, because lots of innocent people could have died. Brown also refused to surrender.