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Q: How did they know she was a women when they found Lucy?
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How do you know astralopithecus existed?

they found bones of an astralopithecusnamed Lucy

When was ancient Lucy found?

Lucy was found in 1974.

Where was Lucy the oldest human found?

The Lucy fossil was found in Hadar, Ethiopia.

Can someone explain the life of Lucy Stone?

Lucy Stone was an women's rights activist. She helped to found the American Equal Rights Association and the New Jersey Women's Suffrage Association. She spoke quite strongly in what she believed in and attended college despite her parents' wishes.

Who is Lucy Stone?

she was a women sufferagist

What has the author Lucy Noakes written?

Lucy Noakes has written: 'Women And The Armed Forces'

How do you know that Lucy the hominid is a female?

Lucy is female because who has the name lucy

Did Donald johanson find Lucy?

yes he found lucy(the fossil)

Who discovered Lucy the Australopithecene?

Lucy was discovered by Donald Johanson. He found 40% of the skeleton and then named it Lucy.

When was Lucy the neanderthal found?

Lucy was not a Neanderthal. She was an earlier form of hominid. Lucy was an Australopithecus found in Africa, Ethiopia i believe to be exact. She is was one of the first almost complete skeletons found. she got their name from the beetles song that was playing when they found her.

What is Lucy in social studes?

Lucy is an Australopithecus that was found in Ethiopia by Donald Johansen

Who found Lucy?

Lucy was found in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia in November 1974 by Don Johanson and his team.