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Female cheerleaders did not appear until the 1920s and the first use of pompons was in the 1930s, which were handmade from paper. Fred Gastoff invented the first vinyl pompoms in 1965, first used by the International Cheerleading Foundation.

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How are pompons used in cheerleading?

Pompons are used as a fun attention grabber and eye catcher while cheerleaders are performig that's why they make them glittery and colorful.

When did boys start cheerleading?

You may be surprised, but men were the first ones to start cheerleading.

Where did cheerleading start?

Cheerleading first started in Minnesota at the University of Minnesota.

What day did cheerleading start?

November 2, 1898 is the official birth date for cheerleading.

When did woman start cheerleading?

in 1920s

When did competitive cheerleading start?

Competitive cheerleading started in 1978. ESPN broadcasted the first National High School Cheerleading Competition in 1983.

You are 13 years old can you start cheerleading at 14 years old?

You can start cheerleading at any age, and there are competitive squads for kids as young as 4 or 5

Can you start competitive cheerleading at 17?

You can start at 17 if you want, but if you haven't done any former competitive cheerleading before that it will be a challenge. So if your up for the challenge then you can do it.

When did cheerleading start?

It started on November 2, 1898

What state did cheerleading start in?

=it started in Kentucky i think=

What year did cheerleading start?

November 2, 1898

When Did The Sport Cheerleading Start?

1898 at the University of Minnisota

When did all-star cheerleading start?

in 1987

How did womans' cheerleading start?

Well I dont think theres just a womens cheerleading because a man (Johnny Campbell) was the first person to start cheering.

When did Miley Cyrus start cheerleading?

Miley started competitieve cheerleading with her sister Noah at the age of 5.-Rene C

How and did cheerleading first start?

cheerleading is a very popular sport i dont now why people like it so much sorry...):

When did cheerleading first start?

Cheerleading first began in the late 1880's when a yell or chant was first done at a sporting event.

Were did cheerleading start?

The University of Minnesota, but it was all boys at first!

What gender did cheerleading start out as?

Men were initially the cheerleaders, not women.

What can you do with cheerleading when im older?

Start Your Own Cheer Squad !! X

How does cheerleading compare to other sports?

Cheerleading is different than other sports because cheering is the only sport that using the organized lifting or throwing of people

What are some cheerleading words that start with k?

kickback, knee stand, etc.

What year did Miley Cyrus start cheerleading?

When she was 6 years old so in 1998.

How did cheerleading first start?

It was originally just a bunch of men with megaphones leading a crowd.

How do you say she does cheerleading in Spanish?

ella hace cheerleading that means she does cheerleading in spanish