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A person becomes a President of A country when people selected or voted for them to be President or if in a country that is not democratic the military has to pick one to be the President

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Q: How did this president become the leader of the country?
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How did the current president of Sudan become leader of his country?

a military takeover.

What is the leader of our country?

a leader of our country is called a president

How did leader of Romania become leader?

A person become a president after presidential elections.

Who is Mexico's country leader?

The President.

How did Snow become the leader in the Hunger Games?

President Snow isn't the leader of the games, he is the President of Panem.

How did Meshell Obama become a leader?

She is the president's wife

Is there a president of all Africa?

No, every African country has its own leader/president.

What country did gandhi become leader?


Who become the country leader?

Adolf Hitler

What country did Mussolini become the leader of?


Why did george washiton become president twice?

Because he was a good leader to the country. He was voted in twice so he served two terms as americas presisent.

If the president and vice president were to resign who would become the next president?

I believe the senate majority leader.