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How did thornton like playing the role of Karl in sling blade?


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July 30, 2008 5:07PM

Proud he had the character and moments in his head from the patients at mental health institution he worked in in Benton Arkansas. His southern roots were so well represented in the movie. Arkansas people are kind, less presumptuious very accepting.. He was able to weave that into the story , that is a large factor in the sucesss of the way the story hit you on screen . Gay men, a homicidal mental patient youth now a man accepted into their hearts, businesses, families in a backwoods rural area... maybe it changed some opinions of rural southern people Slingblade will forever be an American Classic . Mr Thortons talent was showcased and thakfully someone took that chance on him. This story this movie is a movie everyone should watch when they are feeling that people just dont have the capability of connecting to human souls . Slingblade is a story all ages should be exposed to. Sharing a biscuit and offering a job to all those jobless hungry young men in America headed for jail because a helping hand is "not my responsibility" can go a long way they won't cut your abusive boyfriends head off. Erin Moffitt