How did usc get its name?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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USC or as some people say, University of South Carolina, got it's name by "borrowing" it from the first USC, aka, University of Southern California. They say it was "borrowing" the name but according to University of Southern California it wasn't, and it's easy to see because they later on were charged with a lawsuit against them for stealing the name.

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Q: How did usc get its name?
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What is USC's booster club name?

USC trojans

How is the usc mascot?

I'm sure he is fine, how are you. His name is Traveler.

Does USC offer law programs for students?

Yes, USC, or the University of Southern California, does indeed offer law programs for students. The name of the school that it is offered at is called the USC Gould School of Law.

What is USC's address?

Here, its straight from the USC site. University Park Campus Name Department University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089 (213)740-2311

What is the name of USc's football stadium?

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

What is the name of a football coach with the initials LK?

Lane Kiffin-USC

What Soccer team has a letter j in the name?

The USC trojans soccer team has a j in the name

Who had the name USC first Southern California or South Carolina?

Southern cal

What is the zip code for USC?

The zip codes for USC are: 90033 - USC Health Sciences Campus 90089 - USC Main Campus.

What was the name of the unofficial USC mascot before Traveler?

Type your answer here... George Tirebiter

Who has the most Championships USC or LSU?


How did the usc Trojans get there name?

USC was competing against Stanford in a track & field meet. They were losing by a lot, and it was calculated to be impossible for them to win, but the Trojans fought hard and only lost by a small amount at the conclusion of the meet. Owen Bird, of the Los Angeles Times, stated that the USC athletes "fought on like Trojans." President Bovard approved this as the official name.