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Q: What was the name of the unofficial USC mascot before Traveler?
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How is the usc mascot?

I'm sure he is fine, how are you. His name is Traveler.

What is the name of the Jets' mascot?

The Jets do not have an official mascot, but they do have an unofficial mascot named Fireman Ed. Click on the 'Fireman Ed' link on this page to see a video of him in action at a recent Jets home game. The unofficial mascot is Fireman Ed

Why does Stanford have a tree as a mascot?

Stanford university official name is the cardinal, Which is a color. The tree is an unofficial nickname.

What was the name of the guy with the rainbow-colored wig at sporting event?

That was Donnie Baker, the unofficial mascot for the Rainbow Wig Club at sporting events.

What was the name of the Denver Broncos mascot before Miles?


Who is Larry the stag?

Larry the Stag is the mascot for The Hartford. He appears in their business logo. Larry is his unofficial name, and is predominantly used internally as a nickname for the Stag featured in the logo. == ==

What is the unofficial name for object 2003 VB12?

The unofficial name for object 2003 VB12 is "Sedna."

What is the name of Yahoo mail mascot?

NAME of yahoo mail mascot IS : Liam

What is the name of the mascot?

well it can be any mascot which mascot are u looking for??

What is the name of the Oakland Raiders mascot?

The Oakland Raiders don't have a mascot. The pirate is just the symbol, but it's not the mascot and it does not have a name.

What is the name of the LEGO club mascot?

The name of the LEGO Club mascot is Max.

What was the name of the first McDonald's mascot?

McDonalds first mascot name was speede