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There wasn't any fighting in the cold war besides the Suez crisis in Egypt so the weapons had nothing to do with the cold war and also the cold war was after world WA 2

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Q: How did warfare including the weapons and strategies change from World War 1 to the Cold War?
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How did the atomic bomb change warfare?

By showing everyone how powerful we can make weapons be. Weapons of mass-destruction.

How does technology change the nature of warfare?

Technology and new weapons 'improve' war all the time.

How did wolrd war 1 change the face of modern warfare?

lots of new weapons were invented. Also planes as well. Tanks etc. From then on ppl used them in warfare

How did weapons of world war 1 change warfare?

It eliminated the use of many trenches, revolutionized machinery, and kick started the events to come over better weapons.

How did the American Civil War change the nature of warfare?

It was more violent and the weapons became stronger. Bigger guns and better tanks ect.

When did warfare change?

Warfare change from the Revolutionary War to present day.

In call of duty Modern warfare 2 can you custamize weapons?

You can to a degree. You can have whatever camouflage pattern you want, and change attachments. Other than that, that is all.

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How Change password of weapons of war?

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Why did castle desgins change in the medieval period 1066-1485?

Castle designs changed because the weapons of siege warfare changed and castles had to be changed to effectively resist them

What would change the nature of warfare?

New Weapons (including the future of robotic weapons)Use of the atom bombsPeople negotiate rather than fightBad ClimatesWorldwide EpidemicWorldwide starvationWorldwide reduction of natural resources and oilChanging of alliancesEvil rulersFailure to comply with the Geneva ConventionsEarthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunamisPeople rebellion

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How did airplanes change the fighting in world war 1?

Warfare on land, warfare on water. Now warfare in the skies.

How did the Roman soldiers change their fighting strategies after Samnites humiliated them?

The Romans adopted the military formation of the Samnites: the maniple. This kind of formation was more flexible that the previous formation the Romans used (the Greek phalanx). It was better suited for mountain warfare. Since the Samnites lived on mountains, mountain warfare was important.

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How did petroleum change modern warfare?

It didn't, it might be considered to be a factor in the change to it being called modern warfare. Tanks airplanes ships and other vehicles are all part of modern warfare

How did World War 1 change the nature of warfare?

World War 1 introduced aerial warfare with airplanes and trench warfare

How did weapons of world war 1 change warfare and produced massive causalities?

As grisly as it is referring to warfare, the weapons of World War I changed warfare by making it much more efficient. WW I was not the first use of the machine gun, but it was the first sustained use of the water cooled machine gun, which could fire 500+ rounds per minute, hour after hour. In research done after that war, the machine gun was voted the most destructive weapon of the war by all combatants.

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How did World War I change the way in which wars are fought?

Most dramatically, WWI changed the nature of warfare from armies marching in an open field and facing each other in formations, commonly known as "maneuver warfare", to trench warfare. It was also the beginning of Mechanized Warfare, seeing the introduction of tanks, gas, cars, the Maxim machine gun, and other new weapons.You ask a very complex question... this is just the gist of the answer.

How did new inventions change warfare during World War 1?

New inventions changed warfare during World War 1 by creating new weapons and creating more casualties. Some of the inventions during World War 1 were tanks, infantry rifles, and machine guns.

How did ironclads change warfare?

they saved peaple

How did knights change warfare?

Ballz to u

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