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How did women's lives change in World War 1?

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How women's lives changed during WW1When conscription to the army became compulsory, there were many jobs left unoccupied, so women had to do them. Some became posties, some police officers. Many women who had not worked before worked in munition factories resulting in their skin turning yellow and hair bright ginger. Some of them died of overexposure to TNT. Many women realized that they were not as useless as men had thought prior to the war, and they realised that they could do men's jobs just as well. Although they had to go back to not working when the men came back (by the summer of 1920, 60% of women who had become employed during WW1 were unemployed), the women working during the war started the fight for women to get equal rights. They were given the vote in 1918, although this was only women over 30 who owned property. This was probably one of the only good thing that came out of WW I.

Women did their husband's work in the factories while the men were off fighting. Women with medical training worked as nurses in the armed forces, where some of them were injured or killed.

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How did womens lives change during the world war 1?

because the womans live at the church since world war .,.,

How did womens contributions during the war change their lives after the war?

women won the right to vote

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there was technology ,womens had more right and there was freedom

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World War 1 had a major affect on women's lives. Not only did they have to run the household while their husband was away, but many had to take an outside job for the first time.

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world war 2 gave a turn when womens rights were established

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The war broadened job opportunities for women.

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world war 1

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the lives changed because of your mom.

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Womens lives were affected greatly. They got the respect of man workers. They got to work in factories and vote.

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