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The local library has some wonderful books available: V is for Victory--The American Home Front during World War II by: Sylvia Whitman The Home Front During World War II--In American History by: R. Conrad Stein

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How did the war change life on the home front?

World War 2 changed life on the war front due to the rationing imposed on the people. Fortunately, this rationing was not very severe, and thus created more of an inconvenience than any real issues.

What was the role of price controls and rationing on the home front in World War 1?

During World War I, food shortages had pushed prices up and created hardships for people in the U.S. Also, rationing made sure that people got what they needed, without excess and with minimal waste. This helped conserve our limited resources and the rest of the materials were sent to the troops.

How did WW1 impact the home-front?

World War I changed the lives of many women in England. Many entered the workplace while their men were in service. They had to deal with rationing.

What was the rationing allowences in world war two?

During the Second World War in the United States specifically civilian industries were required to convert to war material and supply production. This reallocation of nearly all resources to war output severely strained civilian goods and fuel supplies. Allowances and rationing limited American consumption on the home-front to allow those saved resources to be focused and diverted towards the war.

What was the western front during World War 1?

the "western front" was in France

What is Ratioing?

Rationing was a form of delivering food and equipment to soldiers on the front. Rations were mostly packed in cans.

What is The Western Front in WW1?

the western front was part of two fronts during world war 1.

How was the home front organized during the world war 1?

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Was theatre around during World War 1?

theatre has been around a very long time! i expect the shows would not have been as lavish due to rationing and shortages of supplies, but they would have still been on,cinema was also important as a way of bring news over from the western front. x

Which countries fought on the northern Front in World War 1?

The northern front was a unit of the Russian army that was formed in August 1915. The unit fought on the Eastern Front during World War I.

Why was rationing needed during World war 2?

Because victory in the war was paramount, the government issued rations so that the military would receive the necessary materials needed to fight the Nazis. Every citizen had to do their part, be it fighting on the front lines by enlisting or being drafted or doing what they could on the homefront to help out.

What country was the Western Front during World War 1?

France and Belgium.

Women in Australia during World War 2?

Carried on in the home front.

What was the US mainland during World War 2 called?

The Home Front.

Did the home front during World war 2 have food shortages?


What was the battle front in Europe like during World War 1?


Where did the soldiers hide on the western front during world war 1?

In trenches.

What nation did not participate on the Western Front during World War 1?


What was life on the home front like during World War 1?

it was hard

When did the western front happen?

The Western Front Happened In France, Belgium. During World War One.(1914-1918)

Where was most of the fighting done during World War 1?

On the Western front, in France; on the Eastern front, in present Belorussia.

What was it like at the home front in Russia during world war 1?

Russia's home front during World War 1 was characterized by civil war. It was these internal conflicts that led to Russia's premature withdrawal from the war.

Why was Italy invaded during the 1940s?

To open another front against the axis during world war 2

How did the home front change during the war?

Had rationing, women went to work in factorys, lead and copper were melted down and rubber for tires was taken to use in the war. After the depression people went back to work and the economy improved.

Women at the front armed services during ww1?

No during world war one women didn't serve in the army