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They were nurses, so they bandaged people up and helped them strugle through hard and painful problems.

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What did the women do during world war 1?

During WW1 many women had to help in factories and looked after children

How did women help during the war?

During the 1940's, men were drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II. Women took those men's jobs, working as mechanics, doctors, and other jobs that were more reserved for men before the war.

How did women help the confederate army?

Women helped the confederate army by, being spy's & nurses

Was the womens land army in World War 2 a voluntary army or a conscription army?

It wasn't conspired at first but then the Land army needed some more help so most Women had to work for the Land army

What awards were women presented with because of their help in world war 1?

Women were not allowed to serve in the militaryduring WWI

What was the name of Female Volunteers during World War 2?

There were a number of organizations where women volunteered to help a nation at war ; for example , there was the WACs which is an acronym for Women's Army Corps . Look to Wikipedia for the article as well as other information regarding women volunteers .

How did women who traveled with the army help the troops?

they were nurses and cooks

What did many women do during the war?

Under my best knowledge about women do in World World II were builing up military suppiles. In the United States spend building up airplnes, tanks, boats, submarines, and other military equipment. Some women were part of the us military army as nurses. I hope with this answer could help anyone in the history class

What was the role of women during WWI?

women played a very important role during world war 1. While men were out fighting in the war, women went out of the homes to the mills to help in the production process.

How did the nz army help the world?

By saving the world

What did the American women do to help during the world war 1?

Women made weapons, worked as nurses and clerks, and some even drove ambulances.

What kind of work did women do in factories during World War 1?

women who didn't want to go to war but wanted to help out in some way

Who immigrated to the US the most during World War 1?

the british indian army to help britain and england in the war

What problems did Hernan Cortes had during his trip?

He once had a difficulty with his army and the army left him and he didnt have an army or 3 weeks until 4 men came to help him. The men didnt help much until they found more men and women. The women where alot more helpful and killed 3,094 soldiers for Cortes. Also Hernan found a women name Bushe Cartelo and she killed Hernan Cortes on December 2, 1547.

What was a women's perspective of the war during World War 1?

Women had diverse perspectives on the war during World War 1. Some women felt that the war efforts were unjustified and they refused to help in the war efforts. Other women wanted to show support in every way possible.

What did the women do to help during World War 2?

Aided to wounded soldiers and offered one meal and one night of shelter

What did the women do during World War to help the men?

They worked in the factories while the men where away at war. Specifically ammunition factories.

How did women help make money during world war 1?

Look in a history book. Doesn't anyone read anymore!

What did women do during world war 2 that help them gain respect?

Worked in jobs that men away at war ususlly held.

What we call the lady who help women during labour?

A midwife.

Why did women want to be nurses during world war 1?

to help the young children that was either severly ill or badly injured x.

What did families do to help the soldiers during world war 1?

The women took on jobs, they had wheatless and meatless days, and they planted victory gardens.

What kind of items did World War 2 women donate?

During World War 2, women would donate items that were made of metal to help with the war effort. The metal could be used to make weapons and vehicles.

Why did people plant victory gardens during ww1?

So they can help out with the army

What did the continetal army help?

it defeated the British army during the revolutionary war, ending british rule in the United States

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