World War 2

How did world war 2 affect sport?

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2011-09-12 21:07:30

well ken dodd went to Berlin to catch a ferry, he didn't want to

pay £3.20 for a bovril and sausage dog, this is why the war

started, the latvians and Chinese made a team called the

destroyers, then ingland and eyeland made a team called No Going

Back, first blow went top eyeland they pinged a granade at em and

it pinged em in the head, all 13 of em, they went to ospital wid

minor nail cuts

sport was affected as Bolton and burnley wanted to play 8 games

in a row week after week, so big sam Allah-dice said what the hell

no no no why they playing 8, Phil brown said burrrrp crazy


so this lead to all curling matches being cancelled as no one

waned to contact their lawyers in order to pay for the hiring of an

ice rink


george w boateng

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