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How did you show your support in the Vietnam war?

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I wore a POW bracelet with the name of a soldier missing on it.

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To show support for soldiers still listed as missing in action or prisoners of war, even after the Vietnam War was over.

show pictures of the Vietnam war

China supported Communistic Northern Vietnam in the Vietnam War.

Most of the hippies and liberals did not support the Vietnam. that's why we pulled out of Vietnam during the war. we did not pull out in world war one and world war 2 because america was geared in for the war, but Vietnam, not all of america was in for it.

The UN supported the Korean War, but did NOT support the Vietnam War.

The Republic of SOUTH Vietnam.

RVN, Republic of South Vietnam.

Allies of both the United States and Vietnam were two groups that were most likely to support the Vietnam war. The United States would get support from the western world, while Vietnam would receive support from the Muslim world.

The Philippines sent support troops to Vietnam.

America entered the Vietnam war to stop the spread of Communism

Congress approved funds to fight the war; that's support.

During the Vietnam War the Hawks supported the war. On the other side was the Doves. These were the people who did not support the war.

They went as far as toppling the South Vietnam government, when they wanted to abandon the war.

The support for the Vietnam War began to dwindle by the late 1960s. This was because the war was affecting everyone, not just the lower economic classes.

Congress refused to support South Vietnam any longer.

The US did not and does not support Vietnam. It trades with it on the open market (free trade) like anybody else. If you're asking about a "War" question, then which Vietnam are you asking about; North or South Vietnam?

Nearly ALL Vietnam War books show opposition to the Vietnam War, even by the men fighting it. See: List of United States Military Books.

Of course! Everybody has to fight the Vietnam War because they wanted to stop the Battle and they have to show some guts to fight in the Vietnam War.

The popular support for Cold War theories was weakened by the outcome of the Vietnam war. It had also weakened the moral of the US military.

The Chicago riots, Berkley campus riots, and the Kent State shootings were not in support of the Vietnam war. Neither were draft card burnings. The only supporters of the war were the "usual suspects"...the profiteers (war industry).

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