How did you win the American Revolutionary War?

The Americans won/draw the revolutionary war because,they had knowledge of the land so it was easier to defeat the enemy, the French,Spanish and Dutch Republic also helped the Americans defeat Britain.

Also at the time of the Revoloutionary War the British were fighting 3 other wars in diffrent parts of the world at the same time. France was an allie to the US fighting alongside them in the US but Napolean and the French Empire also decided that it would be a perfect time to attack the British over in Europe. The British were also fighting the Mongol Empire ( wich was the 2cnd biggest Empire on earth) and also the Japanese Empire. These 3 other Wars had everything to lose and everything to gain for the British the war with the US had nothing for them to gain as it was too young of a country,so Britain moved on to concentrate on fighting those 3 other wars wich they won all 3.