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People can react differently when they are confronted about cheating on their spouse. Some get defensive, some confirm the adultery, the reaction can vary...


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They will have a "complicated" relationship status, when you confront them about it, they will question you, and when you try and fight back they will accuse YOU of cheating. They will hide their profile to certain people, including you.

If an individual has proof their mate is cheating then they should always confront their cheating partner, but have proof. When someone who cheats knows it's wrong (and it is) and confesses to their partner they did cheat then that person deserves another chance, but when you have to catch the mate who is cheating they will most likely cheat again and it's time for you to move on.

ANSWER: If this it the first your spouse cheated, take my words for it, you will never know because of hiding, lying, making excuses to what he wanted to do or even why his always late coming home. If not and you have some evidence, you can confront your spouse by asking and talking to him. But if you keep your mouth close and never deal with it, the result of your problem will be a lot more worst.

no. The one you should confront is your man. And if he is cheating it's his loss.

Confirm the truth. Confront the husband. Counsel to determine the way forward. Comit to the determined way forward.

If you have the proof your spouse is engaged in a cyber relationship then you should run off copies of what you have found and confront your spouse. Some people feel flirting; talking dirty, but no sexual contact with the opposite sex on the Internet is not cheating, but it is.

Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse. Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse.

cheating ANSWER: what about Adultery and Adulteress

You can, but I wouldn't. Ask them if they were cheating. If not, then say nothing.

Cheating your spouse is not a good thing. It could land you into loneliness and other miserable feelings.

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

There's way that you can find if your spouse cheating on you. But the only way you will know is confront this person. Ask the question that you want to know because you can sense that something is not right.

two wrongs don't make a right, luv. why cheat when you could just divorce the jerk anyway? because your spouse has cheated on you, as long as you have evidence, like a taped session, you could be entitled to more, unless you guys have the ability to divorce nicely, but that's the way I would go. then again, maybe you should confront your spouse first.

Yes, a cheating spouse can affect one's couth. It hurts to be cheated on so the victim of the cheater could have too much to drink and say things to their spouse in front of others or go after the person that is cheating with their spouse and make a complete fool of themselves. Often the victim of cheating will go after the wrong person .. the other guy or the mistress. It is the spouse that should be made responsible for cheating as they have control over their own life and can form the word 'no' or simply not cheat. There are no excuses for cheating.

you shouldn't have to understand.. cheating is not acceptable in any relationship

If a spouse wants clues to check them out financially checking credit cards to see if the cheating spouse is staying in motels or hotels; check phone records; bank statements or how much money the cheating spouse is taking out of the bank from a joint account.

Confront her about it. If you feel suspicious, the you deserve to know.

No, but it is frowned upon.

It depends on individual, but for sure one of hazardous of cheating is the pain that you can give your spouse. It will make your spouse depressed, low self esteem, feeling not good enough, will loose the safety blanket that your spouse has from you. There are a lot of concequences when it comes to cheating.

You just have to pay close attention the the actions of your spouse.

" Cheating" is when you sleep or had sex who is not your spouse. And sometimes you fell in love with this person who is not your spouse..

I don't think they can sue you but, they can get affairs and divcores.

Probably not, you should let the cheating spouse know that you know he's cheating though! If you want answers, you can contact the mistress to get the truth... although she may just direct you back to your spouse and tell you to talk to him (to avoid confrontation).

No, you cannot get a urinary tract infection from your spouse cheating on you. UTI's are generally caused by bacteria from the bowel and are not transmitted sexually.

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