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Which was not an important early religious belief in ancient china

What led to ancient China's isolation

What was a sign that a dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven

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Q: How did zhou a frontier state most affect the Shang Dynasty?
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Which state overthrew the Shang Dynasty?

the zhou people

Who made the dynasty of chou?

On January 20, 1046BC, Zhou Wu Wang, Ji Fa, duke of the state of Zhou, led his troops into the capital of the Shang Dynasty. The king of Shang, Shang Zhou, burned himself to death Shang Dynasty was extinguished, so that Zhou Dynasty was founded.

How did qin dynstry take over Shang Dynasty?

After the Shang dynasty was actually the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou and Shang were rivalling states; the Shang dynasty at the time being the more powerful. But as the Shang became unstable, the Zhou rebelled. The slaves of the Shang king at the time took up arms against him and fought for the Zhou rebels. The emperor then committed suicide. As for the Qin dynasty; they came after the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou dynasty fell into feudaling states (as the empire was a feudalist state); a period of civil war. The Qin dynasty, under Qin Shi Huang, defeated the other states, and Shi Huang became the first Chinese emperor.

What religion was the S hang dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was primarily a secular dynasty, with no 'official' state religion.(no they have a religon but when ever i come to get info i find like 6)

How were the Shang able to take power?

Because the people has just support Emperor Tang of Shang than Jie of Xia. Emperor Tang kindness, smart, and brilliant.While The Emperor jie of Xia is just have fun,ignoring state affairs, and dictactor.As a results Shang invade Xia region and defeated Xia dynasty. Shang dynasty have a talented man such as Yi Yin

What state is called last frontier state?

The Last Frontier is the official nickname in Alaska.

Confucianism was the state religion of the what Dynasty?

The Han Dynasty.

Confucianism was the state religion of the Dynasty?

Han Dynasty

Did the sui dynasty become an imperial state?

No the Tang Dynasty did. No the Tang Dynasty did.

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Which was the first frontier state to be admitted to the union?

The state of Vermont was the first frontier state to be admitted to the union. The state of Ohio was admitted before the state of Kentucky.

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