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I would say it is impossible as they work completely differently.

For one thing there are no burner holes for gas on an electric stove! The control dials will have to be changed too. I just think it would not look very good sitting in a kitchen anywhere after it has been converted from one to the other. For all the time and effort I do not think it is worth it, it would be better to go buy a used one, and one other thing you might keep the hair on your head and face when you go to test fire the converted stove.

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Q: How difficult is it to change an electric range oven or stove to run on gas?
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Is an electric stove better than another kind of stove?

Electric stoves are not as good as gas stoves, it's hard to change or lower the temperature in an electric stove, but it is a cheaper option than a gas stove.

Is it cheaper to cook on a gas range or electric range?

I used to have propane service and it was very expensive. I currently use an electric stove and it's affordable to cook.

How does a electirc stove work?

how does a electric stove work???????????? how does a electric stove work????????????

Is glowing of the elements in an electric stove is a physical or chemical change?


How do you know if you have a electric stove?

Go to your electric panel and see if you can find a 40 amp breaker. If you see one that there is a good chance that you have a electric stove in the kitchen. If you don't pay a gas bill then chances you are using an electrical range.

How much did an old stove cost?

Depends on the stove, the kind of stove, and when. Do you mean a wood burning kitchen range from 1900 or a heating stove from 1940, or an electric range from 1960? Parts of the early Sears catalogs are available on line, and you can look at the price of things from around 1902.

What do electricians generally charge for wiring when switching from gas stove to electric range?

Around $400

where to find electric stove eyes.?

where to find electric stove eyes.

A stove and a heater both change electric energy to?

heat and chemical energy

Do all electric ranges have fuses?

I have NEVER seen a range (or stove) that had a fuse. The panel box of the home may have a fuse or breaker that protects the circuit for the stove but it's not a part of the stove itself.

What kind of electric current does an electric stove use?

An electric stove uses Alternating Current to operate.

When was the electric stove invented?

The Electric Stove was invented in 1896 by a certain Groff Copeman.

What are some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters?

Some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters include the Dimplex Electric Flame stove, the Merlin Electric Heater Fireplace and the Bionare fireplace Heater stove.

What is the main difference between an electric and gas range?

The primary difference between an electric stove and a gas range is the source of power. Gas cookers allow more precision heat to the base of the pot. Electric cooktops are cheaper in general

What are the benefits of having a gas kitchen stove rather than and electric kitchen stove?

Among the advantages of using a gas stove over an electric stove are the idea that, in the event of a power outage, a gas stove is always readily available to cook. Gas stoves also tend to be more accurate, as the temperature change is instant.

What are the energy costs for electric stoves?

For someone buying a electric stove over a gas stove, it isn't very energy efficient. The costs for a electric stove is almost three times as much for a gas stove.

How far you can extend the cord for the electric stove?

The cord for the electric stove can extend out for a couple of feet.

How do you install an electric stove where a gas stove used to be?

You cap the gas pipe and run 8/3 electric cable to the location if it's fairly close. Install it in an outlet box for range plugs. If you are not familiar with electricity, hire an electrician.

Can you convert an electric stove top to a ceramic stove top?

If you mean converting an electric stove with coil burners to a smooth, glass cooktop, the answer is no.

General Electric what is a 1929 automatic Hotpoint range worth?

The stove if in EXCELLENT condition is well worth 3,800.00. They are very difficult to find at this condition. I recently saw one on ebay for 1/8 of its value and in EXCELLENT condition

What is difference between electric stove and electric cooker?

An 'electric cooker' is the term generally used in the UK to describe what Americans and Canadians call an 'electric stove'.

How do you light gas electric stove?

A stove is either Gas OR Electric. Please rephrase the question. Thanks

Can you use a pressing comb on an electric stove?

Yes, you can use a electric stove. Just place it on top.

What are the differences between an electric stove and a gas stove?

The main difference between gas and electric stoves is the ease of changing temperature. A gas stove can be turned on and off instantly whilst an electric stove will need time to cool down.

How much is my 1897 Pittsburgh stove and range worth?

1897 pittsburgh stove and range fireplace