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Q: How difficult is it to get a insurance license?
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Is an insurance broker license difficult to obtain?

Check your state's insurance licensing requirements online. Enter your state's name and the words "insurance" and "license." Go to the official state site first.

Can convicted fellons get a insurance license?

It is difficult to get an insurance license once you are convicted or dealt with crime. There are states that allow you to get licensed but you'll need to complete necessary government requirements.

How do your get pet insurance license?

You get your property and casualty insurance license and then you can sell pet insurance.

What is the difference in an insurance 220 license and an insurance 440 license?

The 44 instead of the 22

Do you have to get auto insurance when you get your license?

No. You need not get insurance when you get a drivers license, but you must get insurance when you buy your own vehicle

Can you sell auto insurance with suspended license?

With a suspended insurance license, I would not because you will be breaking a law. With a suspended drivers license you can sell insurance.

What is a 220 florida insurance license?

A 220 Florida insurance license is a general lines agent license. It gives the license holder the legal right to sell property and liability insurance.

Can you get ticket with insurance but expired license?

You have insurance and drivers license is expired can you be ticketed

How long do points stay on your license for no insurance?

when do points come of license for insurance

How do I renew my Indiana insurance license?

An Indiana insurance license can be easy renewed online at either Sircon or at the National Insurance Producer Registry. You can also find a step-by-step guide on how to renew your license at the Insurance License Blog below.

Do you need a security license to see variable universal life insurance?

Yes. To sell variable universal life insurance you will need a Series 63 Securities License, a variable life insurance license, and a regular life insurance license.

In a wreck with no insurance and other drive had no insurance and no license what will the outcome be?

You will both be charged by the police with driving without insurance. This may make it difficult or very expensive for you to get insurance in the future. There will be no coverage for damage to either vehicle or any bodily injury

How can you get and automobile insurance brokers license in texas?

You have to first pass the corresponding insurance licensing examination for your preferred license type and then have an insurance company sponsor issuance of your license.

Do you have to have insurance if you have a drivers license?

No if you have a license no, but if you have a vehicle you have ot have a license.

What is a 2-15 license?

2-15 license is an insurance license that allow you to sell life, health and annuity insurance legally

Do you need a license to sell commercial insurance in Texas?

Yes, you need an insurance license to sell any kind of insurance in Texas. For "Commercial Insurance" operations, you will need a Property and Casualty Insurance License form the state of Texas.

What is a group 1 insurance license in Texas?

license to sell life,casualty, and health insurance

What is an insurance 215 license?

It's the Florida insurance license that allows you to sell Life Health and Variable Annuity insurance in Florida.

I am insurance agent of aviva life insurance company irda has issued me the license that i had lost now tell me the procedure how you get the license back?

I am insurance agent of aviva life insurance company irda has issued me the license that i had lost now tell me the procedure how i get the license back?

Do you need a drivers license to get car insurance in California?

I think you need to get a driver's license in any state to get car insurance period. An insurance company will not supply you with insurance if they don't have proof that you are licensed to do so. My suggestion to you...get a license!

Does a car insurance specialist have to have a license?

Yes, all insurance agents must pass a state insurance license test, pass background checks, and other requirements to receive a license to sell any type of insurance.

What is provisional licence insurance?

Provisional license insurance is insurance for people who have a provisional drivers license. A provisional license is for drivers under the age of 16 who are driving with a learners permit or a person who has previously had a license revoked or suspended and who has recently obtained a new license.

Can you get insurance on your car if your license is suspended?

There are some companies that will offer insurance if your license is suspended, your best bet is a local insurance company that represents multiple insurance companies.

Why is a life insurance license important?

The only reason someone needs a life insurance license or certification is to be able to sell this type of insurance.

Do have to have insurance to get you license?