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Australians Celebrate advent by lighting a candle...?


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The season immediately following Advent is called Christmas.

because they want to celebrate the birth of jesus

because they have a big count down to Christmas called advent.

Catholic AnswerAdvent is preparing for the Solemnity of Christmas, and the beginning of the Church year.

Catholic AnswerAdvent is preparing for the Solemnity of Christmas, and the beginning of the Church year.

Advent is celebrated by Christians and Protestants all over the world.

they light candles and prayed

Because it Is The Birth Of Jesus

Advent is the time were Christians celebrate Christ's Coming, and await His Second Coming.

Yes. The Baptist Church honors the advent season, usually with the traditional advent candles, and other sacred worship.

Australia does not celebrate a "Children's Day".

The majority of Christians believe this is the time of Jesus' birth and celebrate it by calling it the Advent season.

The coming of jesus and his love for us!

To count down to the day of Jesus' birth.WHY ITALICS?Dec. 25 is not really the day of Jesus' birth!Also, I celebrate advent for the chocolate calendars...... :P

Advent is a period within the Christian Church and since the ancient Egyptians lived long before the time of Christ they did not celebrate any Christian festivals.

It helps us to learn what Advent is Really about. u r welcome

Australians celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January (26/01)

To count down the days until Christmas.

Australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not relevant to Austalian history.

The only reason why we as catholics or Christians celebrate advent is because we are waiting for the preparation for Christ to be born so every week we light up one candle for four weeks.

Advent is the liturgical season that helps us prepare our hearts for Jesus birth(Christmas)

What do you do on Australia Day

Advent is a Christian celebration that leads up to Christmas. People all around the world and Christians and celebrate Christmas and Advent. It does not matter where the come from it matter about what religion they are and people all around the world can be whatever religion they want to be.

No, most Christian religions have some sort of Advent observation. My church is not Catholic but we light the Advent Candles and celebrate the theme of each week in Advent (Peace, Hope, Joy, and I forget the fourth one.)

One symbol of advent is your family becasue without them you would not be able to celebrate christmas

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