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with a series of clicks and squacks

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How do bald eagles communicate with humans?

By skwalking

How do bald eagles communicate with each other?

the way they move and i noises they make, dur

Is a bald eagle and an eagle the same?

All bald eagles are eagles, but not all eagles are bald eagles. There are many different kinds of eagles and the bald eagle is just one of them.

How do bald eagles communcate through body language?

Bald eagles do not communicate with each other through body language. Instead they do so by a high pitched whistle, chirp, or series of clicks.

Who kills bald eagles?

Eagles that are not bald. (sarcasm)

Do bald eagles eat other bald eagles?


What are teenage bald eagles called?

bald eagles

Why were Bald Eagles extincted?

Bald Eagles are not extinct.

How many bald eagles are in Alaska?

half the bald eagles in the world live in Alaska BALD EAGLES ARE AWESOME

Are bald eagles scavengers?

yes; bald eagles are scavengers

Are bald eagles herbivores or carnivores?

bald eagles are carnivores

What state does not have bald eagles?

Hawaii has no native bald eagles.

Do bald eagles eat foxes?

Bald Eagles eat fish.

How does the bald eagles tail look?

The bald eagles tail is white

Do bald eagles have a mate for life?

Bald eagles do mate for life.

Are there any bald eagles in Texas?

no there r no bald eagles in texas

Can bald eagles get rabies?

Rabies infects mammals, which bald eagles are not.

What class are bald eagles?

Bald eagles are in the class Aves (birds).

Do bald eagles use poison?

No, Bald Eagles do not use poison.

Do bald eagles make sounds?

Yes, bald eagles emit a high pitch squeaking sound that can sound very mechanical and complex. They communicate in a series of these chattering squeaks. They actually sound nothing like a hawk.

Are there different types of bald eagles?

NO, the bald eagle is a species of eagle.... there are not different kinds of bald eagles.

What is a group of bald eagles called?

There doesn't seem to be a proper collective name just for bald eagles, so it would have to be the generic term for eagles 'a convocation of bald eagles'.

What are bald eagles enemies?

Bald eagles biggest enemy is us, the humans.

How many bald eagles are there in the world?

there are about 500 to 700 bald eagles in the world.

What animals eat bald eagles?

Bald eagles like to eat fish

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