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Q: How do Blu-ray players work?
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Who rents bluray 3D movies?

people who have bluray players

What features does the BlueRay Remote Control have?

BluRay remotes are simply remotes designed to work with BluRay players. They're often infrared and are fairly cheap.

Can you play bluray videos on regular DVD players?

no. u can only play 'em on bluray players or ps3

Where can one buy a Pioneer BluRay player?

Pioneer BluRay players can be purchased at most shops that sell entertainment systems. Pioneer BluRay players can be purchased at eBay, Abt Electronics, and Amazon Marketplace.

Will dvds play on bluray players?


Do regular dvds play in bluray disk players?


Does Bluray Work on Xbox 360?

No, the Xbox 360 does not have a Bluray disk drive.

Do BluRay DVD players also play non Blu-Ray DVD's?

Yes, BluRay DVD players also play non Blu-Ray DVDs with no problem.

Can Blu-ray DVD work on computer?

BluRay discs need a BluRay drive to be read. They won't work in a standard DVD drive but if the computer has a BluRay drive, then it should be able to play BluRay discs with ease.

Are normal DVDs allowed on blu ray DVD players?

Yes, dvds can be played on bluray players.

Can the dvd super multi dl drive play and record Blu-ray?

DVD players and drives cannot handle Bluray discs, whether recording to them or reading from them. Bluray players and drives on the other hand can use DVD discs as well as Bluray discs.

Do bluray DVD's work in regular DVD players?

Blu Ray is a better quality type of disc to watch movies on. However, Blu Ray is not compatible with ordinary DVD players.

Do disks from UK work in Canada?

Yes, so long as they are the same type of disks, for example; bluray would work with bluray.

Can ps3 bluray work with a component?


Do bluray DVD players play normal DVDs?

A BluRay player should play Bluray discs, DVDs and CDs and may also be able to display pictures and other data. The only discs that a BluRay player cannot handle are HD DVDs, a high definition format that was a competitor to BluRay a fews ago.

Can DVD player with upscaling play a Blu-ray disc?

DVD players cannot play Bluray discs. The lasers and the data storage are different so no data can be read from a Bluray disc in a DVD drive. That is the case whether or not there is any up-scaling available in the player. Bluray players on the other hand are quite happy to play DVDs as well as Bluray discs.

What DVD players play burnt DVD's?

can you play burned DVD on a bluray player

Why was bluray invented and by who?

Someone at Sony invented the BluRay concept. It was introduced in 2001. The first Blu Ray players were initially marketed by Sony in two thousand and six.

Do bluray DVD players play HD DVD's?

No and HD DVDs have been permanently discontinued

Will Blu-ray disc players play the Blu-ray disc on a regular tube TV?

Most Bluray players can play either DVDs or Bluray discs using a standard definition television. Almost all Bluray players have an analog composite, S-video or component output that can be used. Before purchasing, check that the player has an output that the television can accept. Note that the quality of the image will be standard definition and not HD. All Bluray players today limit their analog outputs to SD so even with an HD television, analog inputs will not deliver HD images.

Does regular DVD's play on HD DVD players?

Yes they do. But what difference does it make. They arent going to be made anymore. BluRay players won the battle.

Can regular dvds play on 3d blu-ray player?

Bluray players are backwards compatible so they will play standard DVDs as well as Bluray discs. Note that although the DVD is being played by a Bluray player, it does not make it HD quality. Some bluray players will up-convert the standard definition image from 480 or 576 lines up to 1080 lines but although the format is HD, the image quality still remains standard definition.

Can you upgrade your HD DVD player to play Blu-ray discs?

HD DVD and Bluray are both high definition disc formats but they were not only competitive formats but incompatible formats as well. While the battle for the HD market was in progress a handful of players were sold that would support both formats. These players were expensive and very few were ever sold. Unfortunately, HD DVD only players will not play Bluray and Bluray players will not play HD DVD discs. It is still worth keeping HD DVD players as they are the only players capable of HD DVD discs.

Does Sony Bluray players have Bluetooth bilt in them?

Some might. When picking out a player, be sure to read the product descriptions

What are the Ray?

Regions are global areas defined by the BluRay consortium. In order the allow the introduction of movies in different countries on different dates, most Bluray movies have a region code embedded in them. Bluray players will only play movies authored for the region in which they are sold. There are movies on the market, however, that are region-free, and can be played on any Bluray player anywhere in the world.