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It depends on how close or far they are from the school. If its relatively close, they will walk, otherwise, they will go by car, bus, or taxi. Basically the same way here in the US, only the schools don't have school buses.

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Q: How do Egyptian children get to school?
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What do teenage Egyptian children do at school?

They learn.

How many children per class in an Egyptian school?

50 children

What do Egyptian school children do at school?

I assume you mean modern school children. They do what school children do all over the world and learn to do math, read, write, and learn about the history of their nation.

What was the reason so many Egyptian children never went to school?

because they were poor

Did ancient Egyptian children go to school and what was it like?

No,they didn't.Their parents taught them at home.

How many children are there in a class in an Egyptian school?

The number of children in a class in an Egyptian school can vary. On average, class sizes in Egypt can range from 30 to 40 students. However, it ultimately depends on factors like the grade level, school resources, and government regulations for class sizes.

Who is the Egyptian god of children?

The Egyptian god of children was the goddess Isis.

Do modern day Egyptian children go to school Monday through Friday?

School week is Sunday to Thursday. Weekend is Friday-Saturday.

Did ancient Egyptian children go to school?

Yes but only the children of the scribes and those whose parents were wealthy. The majority of the people were illiterate.yes

What did peasant Egyptian kids learn in school?

Nothing, peasant children in Ancient Egypt did not go to school. As soon as they were old enough boys were sent to work in the fields and girls with their mothers.

Who was the Egyptian goddess of and protector of mother and children?

Taweret, as well as Isis and other Egyptian goddesses were patrons of mothers and children.

Who were the ancient Egyptian god Seth's children?

He had no children except maybe Anubis