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Check out the following link.

If you are using Windows, then you can't stop it. Because errors that require restarting your computer are "Critical errors". In other words, the system cannot keep running because some main part has crashed

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How do I make my Windows 8 PC to stop asking me to connect an Ethernet Cable?

BY discontenting it and restarting it

Why i cant install nimbuzz on your PC?

i cannot install nimbuzz in my PC. automatically installation is stop...

When a stop error occurs what does the system do?

A STOP Error, also called a Blue Screen of Death, will appear when an issue is so serious that Windows must stop completely. When a stop error just like Stop Error 7b appears on the computer, you will get a blue screen and fail to do anything else on the PC.

What do you mean by restarting a server?

Its the same as Restarting your PC, your Mobile Phone,, etc Just switch it off and then switch On.

How do you fix a computer that after restarting it the computer stop restarting at the windows loading?

You should scan your computer to check out if it gets any infection from threats. Make sure your security software is updated. Then, you can have a full scan on your PC by using the Registry Repair Tool.

Why does your modem restart your PC?

There should be no reason why a modem should be restarting your PC. If the device is abruptly restarting your PC then is is probably due to a driver problem. Make sure that you have all the latest patches installed for your computer and that your modem drivers are up to date.

Why does the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC game keep restarting?

There may be an error or your disc may be damaged. Try shutting the game down and reopening it, and checking that your disc is not heavily scratched.

What is restarting the computer when it is already on?

When you downloaded some software or else you have some problem with your pc then we used to restart the pc.

What are the causes of a data execution prevention error?

A data execution prevention error typically pops up on one's PC when an application has been automatically closed. This typically occurs when the computer has detected a threat from a virus.

When A stop error is an error so drastic it causes windows to hang or lock up?

Hey Dude, you really need a powerful registry cleaner which will solve this error and give you a PC hang problem.

Cold booting and warm booting in detail?

cold booting is simply shutting down the pc. warm booting is restarting the pc.

Why is my PC polish?

It could be that your PC doesn't have the error. It could be that it is user error, in which case, turn it off...and go get a book from the library for operations of the PC.

How to remove the malware win 32it blocks my connectivity then an error message appears which on not sending w.explorer restarts.on restarting PC everything is fine for one time next restart is same?

Are avast, mcafee, norton,microsoft, sleeping???

What is the problem when your PC is restarting instead of shutting down?

Most likely a bad power supply.

How can solve the DLL error?

format the PC

How can you repair an install exe error on a PC game CD?

To repair an install exe error on a PC game CD you need to run check the disk.

Why won't gears of war 3 start?

First put in the consol or PC and click play if that won't work try restarting the consol or PC or try cleaning the disk

What is error sync 83940004?

This error is a Nokia Ovi Suite error. This error occurs when you try to synchronize contacts between your mobile and your PC. Look for solution to this error in Nokia support.

Why does your 2003 dodge Ram 1500 stop running at Idel?

Does your check engine light come on? If it does have your truck PC read for error code to point you in the right direction. If not something you can do yourself is check and clean all your grounds and PC harness connections.

How often does a mac automatically save word documents?

As frequently as Windows does on a PC.

How do you play vcop2 game on my PC?

my desktop automatically vcop2 geam free

When you start the PC you facing following error catastrophic failure?

It needs to be stated what the specific error is for someone to know what to do about it. A person will not be able to know how to fix an error if they do not know what the error is.

My system is repeatedly restarting with a blue screen with some error?

I'm guessing you are referring to your PC/laptop. Make sure you always turn your computer off correctly, go to start, select shut down and then wait until the screen goes blank before cutting the power.

How do you fix unknown error on PC?

We're gonna need a LITTLE more than "unknown error" to help you.

Why i cannot play need for speed on PC i can change alias select car some controls but when you started to play its automatically stop?

I thin u need a hard disk if you dont hawent yet.