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How do I change a tire on Chevy Suburban?


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How do you change a tire on a 2000 chevy suburban


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Removing a spare tire is easy to do from a Chevy Suburban. The tire is removed with the tool that is located on with your jack.

Where is the thermostat on a 1997 chevy suburban and how do you change it?

Check under the back seat or a compartment in the rear of the suburban.

change low beam lite in 1999 suburban

Should be bolted down under the hood above the left front tire.

It is written on the side of the tire in small print.

how can we drop reserve tire on Chevy trail blazer

behind the grill but in front of the tire. you need to be on your back and look up.

If it's a half ton 235/75R-15 's.

The correct tire pressure depends on the tire. The max pressure will be listed on the sidewall of the tire. I usually run about 5lbs less than the max. Always check your tire pressure when the tires are cold.

It will be written on a sticker on the driver door

I have a 1997 suburban 1500 4wd. The door plate is missing. What is the recommended tire pressure?

may be on frame rail pass. side front of rear tire inboard of frame

if you need to ask just take it to midas

to change the wheel and tire on a car just loosen the bolts on the wheel jack it up and replace it

how many axles does a 2008 chevy suburban have/

I took my 2004 Suburban to a reputable tire store and they suggest 40lbs of pressure.

Where is the reset button on a 2000 Chevy suburban

What type of coolant is recommended for a 2002 chevy suburban

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