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locate the blown fuse and change it

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2012-03-06 12:43:45
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Q: How do I change cigarette lighter fuse in Ford Fiesta flame?
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Can a cigarette lighter be used in space?

A typical butane cigarette lighter would produce a flame in a low-gravity space ship. It would not produce a flame in the vacuum of space.

What is in a cigeratte lighter?

A cigarette lighter is a device which produces either a flame or a hot glowing surface which is intended to be used to light cigarettes.

How do you light a cigarette?

If lighting your own cigarette: 1) hold filter of cigarette in mouth 2) hold lighter in hand A (left or right, arbitrarily) 3) if there is a breeze, you may need to hold up hand B as a partial wind break while lighting the cigarette 4) light end of cigarette with lighter while gently inhaling, pulling air into the cigarette to enhance combustion of the tobacco and that the cigarette can stay lit 5) remove lighter from cigarette, as well as hand B, and continue smoking Or put another way: You would put the cigarette in your mouth, light your lighter or strike a match, hold the flame to the end of the cigarette, and inhale until it is lit. Then you put out the flame you used to light it.

What is the hottest part of a lighter's flame?

Rught at the top part a lighter's flame.

How do you burn a spliff?

with a lighter. with a lighter. with a flame

How hot does a lighter flame get?

A butane flame in air has a temperature of 1970 C. A lighter fluid flame has temperature of 2537 C

Can a flame from a lighter go back in the lighter and blow up?


Does your gun lighter which is regular flame and jet flame take regular lighter fluid?

It would be helpful for you to clarify your question.If your lighter is in fact a "Jet" lighter, it will not use the same substance found in a disposable cigarette lighter.It in fact ignites butane gas, as it is more combustable/burns at a higher temperature/ and creates a wind proof effect by constantly pushing out the gas rather than simply lighting something on fire.*More Information*The lighter is in the shape of a gun, it creates a regular flame but when the lever at the back is slid down the flame slowly changes to a jet like flame. There is only one fuel chamber so it's got me stumped. Can anyone help?

Why is the nozzle hole of Bunsen burner is much smaller than the gas inlet?

You want to be able to fine-tune the amount of flame for delicate procedures-- more the size of a cigarette lighter or stove burner and less like a flame-thrower.

What part of the lighter is hot?

the flame

How hot can the flame of a butane lighter get?

Fire One butane lighter reports: "Burns with clean hot flame at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit"

Which is hotter a red flame or an orange flame?

The lighter it is, the hotter and more pure it is, so an orange flame is hotter. After that comes a blue flame, then a white flame.

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