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You can convert your work to pdf without losing any content by first making sure that you saved a copy of your work and then converting it. You probably will not lose your work.

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Q: How do I convert my work for word to pdf without losing any of the content?
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How can I convert a "doc"- file into PDF?

Convert a PDF in Word 2013 by clicking File > Open and selecting the PDF file. Word opens the content in a new file, and you can copy the content you want"including images and diagrams.

Is there such a program possible to convert PDF file to Word file without distorting the content?

Have you tried Nemo PDF To Word 3.0 ? It's not bad, as I use it to convert PDF to Word frequently for my lectures with Word and PowerPoint. Since I have to do my preparation from tremendous materials in any formats, I do a lot of PDF to Word conversions with Nemo PDF To Word. It works not bad.

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How do you convert a PDF file containing pictures and images into word?

You can convert the PDF to Word using AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter. It can preserve text, layouts, images and hyperlinks in an editable Word document. Even protected PDF can be converted. If your PDF is a scanned one, it will extract the whole image in the Word, but you can not edit the content of the images. If your PDF is created from Word, it not only can extract the image in the generated Word document, but also you can edit the text content in the picture.

How do you convert pdf files to word?

Convert PDF file to word file format, you can use Kernel for PDF to Word Converter Tool. It can efficient to convert multiple PDF file to word file format, without facing any hassles. Reference link

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