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Saving Web Pages

Just press Ctrl + S and them select web page, complete to save the images and animations as well.

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What does a animation renderer do?

It renders out an animation images frame by frame in a specific format that is needed to stream the animation. Less complicated and realistic renderers can render out simple avi files while more complex renderers can make more detailed and realistic images in an image sequence. In other words it builds the final look to your animation.

Can images be animated in the ico format?

No, ico format allows for multiple images, but not for an animation. This is possible with cursor files (.cur) that are almost the same, except for the id in the header.

Photoshop is used to edit Bitmap images?

Yes, it can be used to edit many types of image files, including bitmap images.

If you view a web page that has three images in it how many files will your browser download?

It depends on your internet speed.

How do viruses travel?

Computer viruses are malware programs that can cause damage to your computer. They travel or spread by various means including as an email attachment. They can be disguised as images, videos, audio files, or cards. They can be hidden in other files and spread to your computer when you download something from the Internet.

How do I download my images from Sanyo Katana to Ipad?

One way to download images from a Sanyo Katana to an Ipad is to use the Bluetooth feature on each device and transfer the images. Another would be to upload the pictures onto a computer and transfer the image files via USB.

Why download files to your computer?

the reasons why it is important to download files on your computer

What company offers many services including a Chinese language search engine for websites audio files and images?


Where is it possible to download ISO files?

You can download ISO files from Microsoft's Official Distributor, Digital River. You can also download ISO files from Magic ISO. They have all the information you need to download the files on their website.

Why is it illegal to download files from the internet?

You may download files with a Public release license, files you have paid for, your own files and files explicitally allowed to be downloaded. To download any other files will be considered intellectual property piracy.

How can i download music off you tube to save on my files?

you cant. unless you illegaly download files from download sites

How do you download images from your iPod to your desk top?

Unless the picture files on your Ipod are already on your computer there is no way to get them from the Ipod to the computer. So in short, You can't.

What can a GIF image do that other files types cannot do?


Why is it beneficial for user to download MP3 files rather than WAV files?

MP3 files are smaller so there faster to download

How do you make your own Pokemon animation?

You need to hack the game, then detect though hundreds of files to find the animation suffix, create your animation and have the animation suffix, modify the code so your animation is played, and there you go! Hacking the game is illegal.

Can you download music onto a MacBook Pro?

Providing the MacBook Pro is connected to a network of some kind then all manner of files (including music files) can be downloaded onto it.

How do you open cbr files?

You may download 'CDisplay' that is designed to ease the viewing of images in JPEG, PNG and static GIF format. Just search in for it.

Can tiff support animation?

TIFF format files do not support animation. They are of particularly high quality however, and are often used in publishing. The GIF file does, however, support animation.

What does the gif file format have?

.gif is a file format. Most commonly .gif files are animations or images with a short 5-10 second effect. Non-animation image file formats are: .Jpeg and .PNG.

Where can you download A Little Bit Longer by the Jonas Brothers?

download it from:- 1. 2. it's 320 kbps and with CD images and it's free.these are the two parts and u have to download both and extract bothy of them.

How do you download files from firefront?

You click the download button.

Can free download manager download magnet files?


The best site to earn by uploading images?

not sure for images, but for files you can do at

What are the ways you can get a copy of Linux for your home PC?

Generally, you can download images (.iso files) from the internet. Some websites/companies will ship copies on usbs or cd/dvds.

Can you delete the torrent after the download without deleting the files?

Yes you can, the torrent is a separate file from the files you download through it.