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It's very easy.

Go to C:\Users\(your username)\Music\iTunes and rename the file "iTunes Library.itl" to "iTunes Library.OLD"

Open iTunes, go to Help --> Check For Update, download & install the most recent upgrade. Once complete it will usually requires a computer restart. If not, you must close iTunes for the next step to work due to "File In Use" issues.

Go back to C:\Users\(your username)\Music\iTunes and rename newly-created "iTunes Library.itl" to "iTunes Library.NEW" (or just delete that file). Then rename your old file "iTunes Library.OLD" back to "iTunes Library.itl".

When you next open Itunes your old library will be accessable.

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You can rebuild the library from the iTunes File menu, selecting Library, Import Playlist. (See links below)

You can't, they were created with the later version of iTunes. The latest is 8.2 and just download that, why wouldn't you. If you are trying to use multi -plugin it won't work anyway.

May Be something as can help... // emvader

To ascertain which version of iTunes you have click on the iTunes menu and select About iTunes. A panel will appear and will list information about your copy of iTunes including the version number.

Open iTunes - click on "Help" - Click on "About iTunes" at the bottom. The version of iTunes you have will pop-up.

The old version of iTunes does not need to be deleted as the new version will update it to the latest version.

When installing a new version of iTunes only the iTunes software is updated your library is not touched.

The latest version of iTunes is always the best.

The latest version of iTunes is available to download from the iTunes download page. (See links below)

The latest version of iTunes is recommended for all iPods.

no, installing the new version of itunes only changes the style, etc. But the songs stay where they are.

In the menubar, go to iTunes -> About iTunes. The first scrolling line will give you the iTunes version number ("9.0.2", for instance).

There is not, and never has been, a version of iTunes for Windows ME.

iTunes 9.0.2 is the current version.

iTunes is a software that you install on your computer. You can find out which version of iTunes you have by pressing Ctrl + b and clicking Help and then About iTunes. If you are looking for the version of your iPhone's iOS, then you go into Settings, tap General, and tap About.

Apple no longer writes the Windows version of iTunes in mind because Windows 2000 is rapidly declining in usage share, so the number of people who both use Windows 2000 and want iTunes is very small. Apple provides an older version of iTunes on their website.

steve jobs created itunes it was created 2001

Use WINE to install the windows version of iTunes on Ubuntu.

The first version of iTunes was version 1 which appeared in 2001. ITunes was based on software called SoundJam which had been written by Jeff Robbin and Bill Kincaid in 1999 which Apple purchased in 2000.

You can firstly delete your previous itunes. Then after that go to the apple's original site and then click get itunes 10 or whatever version it is :-) take it simple silly

There is no version of iTunes available for Windows Millennium Edition.

Ry updating to a newer version of iTunes.

Yes, all versions of iTunes are free.

Yes, iTunes version 9.2 works with all current iPods.

Yes. Windows version of itunes will recognize the soundfiles in your mac iTunes library.