How do I get health insurance in PA?


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To get health insurance in Philadelphia you either need to take a job with a company that offers insurance, or get private insurance. You can go through the company Anthem.

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There are several online sites one can visit to find health insurance in PA. Some of these sites include Health Insurance Pennsylvania, Low Cost Health Insurance and Pennsylvania Healthcare. One can also check with local area insurance companies as most offer health insurance as well.

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You would need to become a licensed insurance agent through the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, dental insurance specifically falls under the category of "health insurance". You can get your PA Health Insurance license by itself, or, more commonly, together with a life insurance license.

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Auto insurance is a state law requirement in PA. You are only required to carry liability insurance.

You can go to your states department of insurance website. You can find all the information you need about health insurance companies and state laws and regulations regarding health insurance in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Service ( 1209 Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120 1-877-881-6388

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