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It's different for everyone, but talking to each other is the only way to solve this problem.

Possible suggestions:

  • talk to him and try to make him confess his love
  • Go to his Seminar or collage dorm or visit him and give him flowers and chocolates. take him on a date and talk to him and say your really kewl I'm glad im hanging out with u even if ur little like 11 or something say ur a awesome guy u know that?
  • Maybe he hasn't figured out how to be a boyfriend yet. What behaviour are you expecting? Let them know.
  • Why doesn't he act like a boyfriend? Would it be embarrassing for him in some way? Does he think of you as that type of girlfriend?
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How do you act after cheating on you boyfriend?

I act like so angry..

What to do when your boyfriend doesn't like the way you act?

Either get a new boyfriend that loves you for who you are, or change the way you act to one that your boyfriend likes better.

Is it possible for a girl to act like the guy they like is their boyfriend?

Yes. You can act like he is your boyfriend, but don't tell anybody untill he starts to.. This is happening to me right now in fact. We act like we are together all the time.

How should you act in front of your ex boyfriend?

No matter what, DO NOT act like you miss him.

How do you act around your boyfriend in school?

Dont act like anything, just be yourself.

Why do guy act like they your boyfriend?

its just natural for guys to act like that, the only reason, there totally desprate

How do you descrie a boyfriend?

You Describe someone by how they look and act like.

Why does your boyfriend act like he doesn't want you?

because he is cheating on you

How do you get your boyfriend to act like a boy friend?

Well, you can't really make your boyfriend act like the actual definiton of 'boyfriend'. He is an individual, and will be different than every one else. You cannot force him to change, so you can always try to just talk with him. After all, your boyfriend is your boyfriend. Talking with him usually works.

How do you be on the same level as your boyfriend?

u act like him in a girly way b but if u want u can act like him exactly

How to act when your boyfriend makes you mad?

act like it doesn't bother you and then wait for the perfect time then get even

Can you give me advice of how to get an X-boyfriend back?

Get someone to act like they're your boyfriend, and make him jealous!!!

How do you act in front of your boyfriend?

You act like yourself, because if a guy is with YOU then he likes YOU and should act like YOU. Its okay to act somewhat awkward or nervous around a bf, that's normal.

What do you do when your ex boyfriend still likes you and he has told you that he does?

If you don't feel the same way, then tell him or don't act like you do If you like him back, act like you do. I guess...

How do you act around the girl you like if you know she has a boyfriend?

Don't be a knob. Be respectful and dignified. act like a man, treat her like a woman, leave with dignity.

My boyfriend is going to break up with me what do I do?

let him and act like you don't mind

When your boyfriend starts to act wired torwrds you what does that mean?

He does not like you. Otherwise he is cheating on you.

What can you get for your boyfriend with out your parents knowing?

You can act like you are getting your brother something if you have a brother

How do you get a girl to like you even if she already has a boyfriend?

act mysterious and give her a sign

What to say to your 11 year old boyfriend?

be yourself, and act normal, especiallly if he is a new boyfriend, just act the way u always do. if you start acting too romantic, he might not like you anymore, so just act normal and he will like you fore who you really are.

What is the secret of getting a boyfriend in elemantry?

just act like yourself and then he'll notice

How can you tell if your boyfriend is being protective?

He will act like your his and be all jelese when you hang out with guys

How can you potentially get your ex boyfriend back?

just act like you dont even know he is there

Any tips on having a boyfriend?

If you wanna get a boyfriend all you need to do is act like a complete wierdo...the boy will totally notice you and then you just gotta act even wierder and then he will wanna date listen to my advice...thats how i got a boyfriend,

My ex boyfriend's cousin like me and my ex boyfriend act like he really don't care even though he still likes me Why does my ex boyfriend act like he really don't care?

He is acting as if he doesn't care because he is quite jealous! Well, he is showing all the signs of still liking you! It depends on what you feel! Do you like your ex boyfriend or do you like your ex boyfriends couisin? It up to you!