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You can always contact HUD or FHA to verify the status of the lender if you are unsure. Your local HUD office should be listed in the phone book and they can verify or deny the company.

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Q: How do I know if my FHA lender is legitimate?
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Where do funds for FHA loans come from?

From any FHA approved lender

Do you know a fha lender that will allow you to lend money for various home improvement projects?

Yes, there is a fha lender that will allow you to lend money for various home improvement projects. You can visit them and find more information at

Which site has the best reviews on FHA loans?

Quicken Loans is one of the best FHA lenders. Their website is Another good FHA lender is Wells Fargo Bank of America also is an FHA lender. You can go to to find a lot of good information on FHA lenders. This site will take you to the FHA lenders cited above.

Is a legitimate lender site?

Is legitimate lender site

Largest FHA lender in Michigan?

The largest FHA lenders are through wholesale, and you can only use them a mortgage broker.

What rules does a FHA lender have to follow that a traditional mortgage lender does not?

FHA loans are handled differently and have guidelines set forth by the government restricting everything from income limits to down payment amounts. The normal mortgage lenders have guidelines but not nearly as strict as FHA.

Where can you find a first time home buyer grant with a pre approved fha loan?

Check out: find your local FHA office and see what type of grants or downpayment assistance programs there are in your area. Also your approving FHA lender should know.

What are prohibited practices under FHA regulations?

Lender requires title insurance

Where can you go to obtain a loan threw the FHA?

When you get an FHA loan it is not funded directly through FHA. FHA is essentially an insurer for loan. So the Mortgage Insurance paid on an FHA loan is an insurance policy for the company giving you the actual loan. Most any bank or lender can give you an FHA loan.

How can I get pre-approved with an FHA lender?

You will first need to choose a lender to use and contact them. Each lender is different but they all follow the same guidelines set out by FHA. Each individual bank that offers FHA loans will have their own criteria for pre-approval. Common elements will be income verification, monthly debt verification, employment verification, and credit history.

On what basis does the FHA approve financing services?

The FHA will never be responsible for approving financing. This organization can help one find a lender, but they do not actually lend money themselves. For more information visit the FHA website.

How do you transfer a FHA case number from BMO harris bank to another lender?

To transfer an FHA case from BMO Harris Bank to another lender, first contact the desired new lender. If you qualify for a loan with the new company, they will execute a refinance which will pay off the existing loan with BMO Harris Bank.

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