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Intramuscular injections are not something that you should attempt to learn without proper instruction and supervision from a qualified instructor. If there is a medical reason, your doctor may teach you how to preform injections on yourself or one of your dependents. It is not something to try after only reading about it.

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Q: How do I learn how to give intramuscular injections?
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What is the traditional site for most deep intramuscular injections?

You can give deep intramuscular injection in upper and outer quadrant of the hip. You can give the deep intramuscular injection between anterior and lateral aspect of the middle thigh.

How does one administer intramuscular injections?

The people who administer intramuscular injections are trained before they are allowed to administer injections to humans. Sometimes they are trained on pieces of fruit first.

What are the types of injections?

subcutaneous intravenous intramuscular

Name the landmark for intramuscular injections?

The landmark for intramuscular injections is the acromion process. The actually injection site should be several centimeters away from the process, on the deltoid muscle.

How is penicillin addmidistered?

Penicillin comes in tablets, intravenous solutions and intramuscular injections.

Strabismus can be corrected by injecting Botox into the affected extraocular muscle?

False, intramuscular injections

How many injections can you get in one day?

There really isn't a limit to the number of subcutaneous or intramuscular injections you can get. It can, however, be difficult to find a good vein for more than a couple of intravenous injections.

Why are intramuscular injections more painful than subcutaneous injections?

Usually, the vehicle used for a intramuscular drug contains oil or a "fatty liquid". The amount of liquid injected is generally bigger in an IM injection and the drug might also be more irritative. The nail used is generally bigger and longer. For these reasons, almost all IM injections are more painful than SC injections.

Injections which are not made in a vein or a muscle but just under the skin are called?

Injections just under the skin, so that you can see the needle while the medication is injected, are referred to as Intradermal. The PPD test for tuberculosis is administered this way. Injections administered into the layer below the skin are called subcutaneous. Insulin is administered this way. Injections which deliver medicine into a muscle are referred to as Intramuscular. Most immunizations are given this way, as are most antibiotic injections. Injections which deliver medicine directly into the bloodstream are referred to as Intravenous.

Where do you give intramuscular injections on a human?


Where is the best place for intramuscular injection in cats?

The best place to give intramuscular in cats is semimembranous and semitendinous muscle...

What is the dosage for cattle?

Can you be more specific? What medicines are you referring to? Subcutaneous injection, Intravaneous injection, Intramuscular injections? Oral dosages?