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I assume you mean

= "How do I locate all my federal student loans and name of lenders" = try

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Is there a direct student loan available for attendance at a college this year?

Student loans can be generally broken into the categories of federal and private student loans. Private student loans are loans students borrow from lending agencies, with credit requirements, interest rates and repayment schedules set by the lenders, rather than by the Department of Education. Federal loans, on the other hand, are available for both students and parents, and have uniform rates and requirements. The most common federal loans are Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, and PLUS Loans.

The difference between federal direct student loans and pell grants.?

The federal direct loans come directly from the federal government instead of private lenders. I believe loans have to be paid back but most grants do not. you can find more information at

How can you consolidate your student loans when your lender refuses?

When you have asked your lender to consolidate your student loans and they refuse, you can look for a company that will work as a liasion between you and a prospective new lender. Due to investors not investing in student loans the majority of lenders have stopped consolidating federal loans. Student Loan Gal at

What are some types of student loans?

There are many types of loans students can apply for, but the simplest categories are the two: federal student loans and private loans. All loans funded by federal government are administered through the US Department of Education's Federal Student Aid programs. Other types of student loans include: # Federal student loans # Federal Stafford loans # Federal Perkins loans # Federal Parent PLUS loans # Federal Graduate PLUS loans # Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan # Continuing Education Loan # Career Training Loan # International student loans

Can you file bankruptcy for your student loans and keep your house out of it?

If the student loan is a federal loan and not a private loan then the answer is no. Federal student loans can not be included in bankruptcy, you will always be responsible for repayment of FEDERAL student loans.

What is the legal age to apply for a student loan?

The age requirements for private loans and federal loans differ. Many private lenders require that a student be at least 18 years old to apply for a student loan. However, this is not a legal requirement. The minimum age to apply for federal aid is 16.

Does a cosigner have to replay a federal student loan if the student dies?

Federal student loans do not currently have cosigners. Parents who take out federal PLUS loans for their kids often think they are a cosigner, when they are actually the sole borrower. All federal student loans are discharged if the student dies.

Can you consolidate Private student loans into federal student loans?

no. you will have to consolidate separately. with a federal lender then a private lender.

What can i do if i cant afford to pay back my student loans?

If you cannot afford to pay back your student loans, you can communicate with your lenders to defer your loan.

Are all student loans issued by the Federal Government?

No..there are also private student loans.

Is a student loan considered federal?

In the U.S., student loans can be Federal or Private.Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans are Federal. Most others are private.

What year did student loan federal guarantee begin?

The federal government began guaranteeing student loans provided by banks and non-profit lenders in 1965, creating the program that is now called the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program.

Can private student loans be consolidated with federal student loans?

Sometimes private student loans can be consolidated depending on certain factors including the rules of your lender, whether you are in deferrment or default and your credit score. You cannot however, consolidate federal student loans and private student loans together.

Are all student loans federal loans?

No, private lending institutions (such as banks) also give out student loans.

Where do you find student loans?

In the US, you can get student loans through the federal government by using FAFSA.

What company provides direct student loans?

There are only a few companies that provide direct student loans. You can go to a bank and get student loans from there, or you can get Federal Loans from your school.

Can you apply for student loans as a student solely to pay off credit card debt?

No. Student loans must be administered by the college bursur and distrubuted according to the lenders instructions.

What is the maximum interest rate for a student loan consolidation loan?

The maximum interest rate for consolidating FEDERAL student loans is 8.25%. If your student loans are not federal loans, though, there is no maximum interest rate.

How can student loan debt be consolidated?

Student loans can be consolidated after graduation or dropping out of school by filing with the government to consolidate all federal student loans. Remember that non-federal loans cannot be consolidated.

Do you have to include student loans in bankruptcy filing?

can you file student loans on bankruptcy no. But yes you do have to list them in your bankruptcy. And No they will not discharge the debt on them, if they are federal student loans.

Which lenders offer private student loans?

When looking for student loans many students choose private loans with Chase and FinAid or a local business. This varies from student to student based on personal scholarships, credit, financial aid, etc.

What are the annual limits for student loans?

For federal loans, see

where can I get a private student loan?

Private student loans are credit-based, non-federal student loans that can help you cover any school expenses you have remaining when scholarships, grants, and federal student loans arenat enough.

What are the types of federal mortgage loans?

Not sure what you mean by "federal mortgage loans," but two possibilities are: Veterans Administration (VA) loans that are made by local lenders/mortgage companies and guaranteed by the federal government; and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans that are made by local lenders/mortgage companies and insured by the federal government. Also, the USDA offers subsidized loans to farmers and low-income homeowners in rural areas. Other possibilities are Federal National Mortgage Association (FannieMae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FreddieMac). They are considered Government-sponsored Enterprises. They purchase mortgage loans that are made by local lenders/mortgage companies.

Can you apply for student loans if you have defaulted on your previous student loans?

You are not eligible for new Federal aid if your current Federal student loans are in default. You are eligible to get financial aid if you get your loans out of default. If you need help getting out of default click on my profile, StudentLoaner, below.

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