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you need to make the game on there with the master code which in on

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How do you get 999999 starchips Yu-Gi-Oh with out a game shark?

you can't, you have to use a game shark to do it, people keep saying there is but there lying, you need a game shark, hoped this helped you?

When did the Game Boy Advance come out?

the game boy color came out in 2002 the game boy adavance came out in 2002

How do you put in a GameShark for n64?

You place the Game Shark in the console first, than place the desired game into the top of the Game Shark. After this you turn on the system. If you have a newer version of a Game Shark than you should see a blue title screen saying Game Shark with the logo. If you don't see this, than chances are you have an older version Game Shark and it won't for every game, but it will still work for a majority of them.

How do you get the volcano badge on Pokemon leaf green for Game Boy adavance sp?

beat the gym leader

Where do you catch growlite in Pokemon pearl without cheating hacking trading migration or having a game in the game boy adavance slot?

Ya just don't.

Can you use game shark codes on a game shark sp?

Yes you can use game shark codes on a game shark sp. There is no difference between the game shark for the GBA and the game shark for the GBA SP. you have to click your game to the side and cheats will pop out , you click the cheats you want and prees start

How do you get an Action Replay to detect Japanese games?

Sorry, I left out some detail. I live in Japan and the AR I just bought won't dect my Japanese game cartridges. The AR gives me an error message 'Unknown Game Inserted IREJ-5A023804'. Is there any way to remedy this problem? Thanks in adavance for any help.

What game has a shark in it in the game clubpenguin?

The Club Penguin game Ice Fishing has a shark in it. The shark his eat the worms you have on your line.

Were can you get a game shark in Israel?

No game shark in Israel. Try the internet.

What a shark game?

if you are thinking of a game shark,it is something you plug into your game console,depending on what kind of game shark you have, so you can type in codes for certain games.

Whats a game shark?

A game shark goes to a game-boy Sp and a Nintendo 64

Can you use a game shark on Pokemon gold?

you can eat poo in this game and yes you can do game shark

Can you put a game shark code in your ds without a game shark?

no you can't.

What is the game shark cheat codes?

game shark cheat codes are long numbered and lettered codes that you enter on a game shark device that fits is a game boy advance.

Where can you buy game boy adavance games preferably Pokemon leaf green and fire red just not on eBay and somewhere in Australia Victoria?

at a gamestop store

What is another name for game shark?

all a game shark dose is let you put cheats into your game

What does a game shark do?

a game shark is acheat device you can enter codes to do almost anythink

What game has a shark in it on Club Penguin?

Ice Fishing has a shark in it on the game Club Penguin.

Which game has a shark on Club Penguin?

the game "hydro hopper" has a shark in HOPED I HELPED!

Can you play a game boy color game on a nintendo ds?

no you can not. the latest model of a Nintendo handheld that can play game boy color is the game boy adavance/ game boy advance sp. Plus with the new DSi it doesnt even have an game boy advance slot at all>

Can you play Game Boy Color games on a game shark Sp?

on a s.p. yes. on a game shark s.p. no.

How do you operate a Game Shark with Pokemon Emerald?

You put the Game Shark on your Gameboy Advance SP.

How do you get game shark?

my thing that says game shark codes it doesnt work do i have to download it or something

How do you get celebi without a game shark on Pokemon fire red?

Its simple you cant you have to have game shark.

How much is a game shark?

a game shark is $30.00 or so if you get one one eBay it will be about $25.00