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What is the pronoun in she threw it away?

There are two pronouns in the sentence, "She threw it away."she = subject of the sentence (she takes the place of a noun for a female)it = object of the verb (it takes the place of a noun for a thing)

What is the suction thing you use at the dentist that takes away your spit?

It is called a saliva ejector.

Will the blue screen bug go away on club penguin?

yes all you have to do is click the buy items online button and it takes you to the log in.

How long does your period go away for?

It takes a while but trust me it would go away soon because exercise is the good thing to do when you do not wanna have a bloody period.

What is a distractor?

Noun: a person or thing that takes the attention away from what the person is concentrating on, or an incorrect choice on a multiple-choice test

What is a catchy slogan for a poster about the reformation of martin Luther?

Some thing that takes away A PERSON'S ATTENTION IN SECONDS or BEFORE.

How do plant cells accomplish there activity's?

they reproduce it and when the cytoplasm comes into the cell it takes away all of the thing it want to take out

How can evaporation be used to keep things cool?

The water (or the thing that's getting evaporated) takes away the heat with it when it evaporates

What is Demi Lovato's real screen name?

Demi's name is Demetria Devonne Lovato. She uses Demi her nickname as her celebrity name, and takes away the Devonne.

Funtion of the ureter?

It takes away urine away from the kidney and takes the urine to the bladder.

What to do during high tides 3 answers?

actually you just stay away from the water because it rises high than what it was in the afternoon so there's just one thing to do stay away from the water

Can eyes heal from veins?

yes but you have to keep away from any technology such as the computer screen, TV and phone screen and it would get away in a week.

In what ways was slavery a brutal system?

slavary is a brutal system because it takes away the most important thing in human life freedom

Can you put an lcd projecter 6 ft away from the screen?

Yes, but the picture will be correspondingly small. The farther away the projector is from the screen, the bigger the picture will be.

In the end what happened to Serena and the clergy in pirates of the Caribbean stranger tides?

i don't really know, but these are some of the answers that my friends and I came up with:Philip dies from his wound, and Serena takes him away (to bury him?)Serena takes Philip away to heal him (like she said she could)Serena turns him into a merman! (i know, kind of out there)(my least favorite answer) Serena was tricking him all along and takes him away to EAT him!in my opinion, I think it is the first suggestion (but i hope not)

Why do boys not wear tights whenever they want to?

Boys dont wear tights, even if they want to, because they thing it takes away from their manlyness! :p

How Do you solve 12a - 14a?


In what ways deforestation is affecting the food chains?

Taking away the trees takes away habitat which in turn takes away animals which destroys the food chain.

What are 10 examples of dehumanization in the book Go Ask Alice?

The author takes away her name, which takes away her identity.

Why is deleting answers considered vandalism?

Deleting answers is considered vandalism because if it is a good answer, it should remain on the question, and getting rid of the answer violates the WikiAnswers' Community Guidelines and other rules on WikiAnswers.In perspective, it is like someone placing a pig near a trough, then someone takes the pig away from the trough, and no other farm animals get to enjoy that pig's company and knowledge when they are near the trough. The person who takes away the pig near the trough didn't do anything to help the community, but rather hindered the community by taking away the pig. Therefore, deleting answers isn't just considered vandalism, it is vandalism.

When watching television why are you advised to stay at least there meters away from the tv screen?

when watching tv why we advice to stay atleast 3 meter away from tv screen

Why does your wife pull away from you?

Sometimes the answer is the most simple among multiple possible answers: Pulling away reflects an inner emotion. If this is anything but a short term thing, then..... get yourself prepared for an unpleasant end, or get moving to change things.

How long do colds last?

Colds usually are different on every person. But on average it is a week but sometimes it takes you 2-3 days. I have a cold and i am searching 4 answers. This is my 1st day but my dad says it takes me a while for mine 2 go away.

Does evaporation add or take away energy?

it takes away really

what dose it do to you ?

it takes you away hahahaha