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Just keep going right. But when you get up to an obstacle, (like the pirate or reactor core) do the tiniest slide you can do as you get up to the edge of the obstacle. With that you get past anything!

I Don't Even Game Walkthrough


0. Progress

1. Progress

2. Grab key

3. You will drop your key in the grate do not worry

4. Progress

5. Press a and walk through

6. Progress

7. Progress

8. Progress through spikeys

9. Progress

10. Steal old lady's purse

11. Progress

12. Progress

13. Progress

14. Press q to drop bomb purse

15. Progress

16. Press zywxvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba

17. Watch TV. until the egg show comes on or it will be harder to get through level 18

18. Progress if you didn't watch the weather channel you'll only be able to run when there's no clouds

19. Progress this will go all the way from level 19 to level 28

20. Progress

21. Progress

22. Progress

23. Progress

24. Progress

25. Progress

26. Progress

27. Progress

28. Progress

29. Progress

30. When you stop type cheat and you can run

31. Progress

32. Grab all 4 keys

33. Press the 4 key on top of the keyboard

34. Progress

35. Progress

36. Press q to drop the baby and progress

37. Progress

38. Progress

39. Progress

40. Stand there for about 45 seconds

41. Progress

42. Progress

43. Progress

44. Remeber the ninja rool slide past the monster

45. He'll ask you 3 questions first say I then say ar and then say o

46. Progress

47. Don't listen to him just progress

48. Progress

49. Progress

50. Press the 1 you use for the exclamation point

51. Progress there is 3 level 51s

51. Use the wasd controls

51. Progress

52. Sprint past timothy

53. Timothy catch up you can't beat him

54. Keep sprinting

55. The code is up down left right left right b a

56. Progress

57. Progress

58. Press control and you will take control

59. Progress

60. Progress

61. Progress

62. Progress through the cones

63. He will ask you questions say y n n y y y y n n n

64. Progress

65. Progress

66. Progress

67. Progress

68. Progress

69. Progress

70. Progress

71. You're not back at the beginning progress

72. Progress

73. Progress

74. If you go to the website you to click the right pentagons but I'll give you the crazy code it is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv type that in

75. Progress

76. Progress

77. Progress

78.DO NOT PRESS Q! you can get past press the A button and THEN you can advance past this

hope this helps i m not really shore as i havent played this game but m friend told me :)

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Q: How do I pass level 61 on I Don't Even Game when it asks me I need 30 Lives Codes?
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