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If you're meaning promotional codes, it depends in which region you live in, but either way, no codes are able to redeem you passes.

-Only Black Market Items.

You can find some promotional codes in magazines and some websites even have some but most of them dont work.

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Q: Where can you find codes for passes on howrse?
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Where do you find Howrse codes in horse illustrated?

I don't really know but i do know that you can buy and sell horses for passes and e's!!

Where do you put the codes at on Howrse?

There are no current card codes for Howrse. Usually you enter them at profile > my cards, or at the bottom of the passes page.

Where do you put the cheat for Howrse in?

the cheat codes go in a box titled "promotional code" on your "My passes" page.

How do you get pass codes on howrse I want the real way Like how do you get them in the first place?

Go to your passes page and either call that number to buy passes, use a credit card, or use paypal to buy the passes. The pass codes will be sent to you.

Where do you enter pass codes on howrse?

Go to Profile >> My passes and you should see a box labeled "Promotional Codes" on the right under a box labeled "Pegasus Account".

When you go into my passes tab on Howrse how do you get to your code?

There are a few ways to get to the pass tab. The easiest one is: To run your cursor over the "profile" tab (next to the "ranking" tab). Then underneath that tab bar there will be another tab bar. The end tab on the bottom tab bar is the " My passes" tab. Click on that and you will end up on the passes page.there by your equus under it

Howrse promo passes?

There is no promo for passes.

Are there any howrse cheats cause the ones people have found don't work?

once posted it's easy for the creators of Howrse to find those codes and then get rid of them. using suspect cheating codes can get you banned on Howrse

On howrse on howrse can you give passes to a friend?

No you can't send someone else a pass but if you can access the private sales you can have them reserve a horse for you and you can buy that horse for a certain amount of equus + a pass. I wish you could send people passes and that you could sell bm items for passes.

Howrse code October?

Howrse no longer does codes.

What is the code for 2000 e on Howrse?

You can get passes if you pay, or if you want passes for free, go on howrse every day and then when you go on it for 50 days you get 1 free pass, or if you look after your horse sooooooo well you will get some equus. There are no codes for 2010 but, there is just one this works for 2010. BUT I FORGOT IT. Why don't you just put simple things in like a guess like this PPP898B, BATHS789 or something else silly lol. But there are NO codes for 2010 just the one I forgot. (The codes are promotional codes when you can put codes in the bar and get things) remember go on it for 50 days you will get 1 free pass! and look after your horse so well you will get some equus. My user name on howrse is heli Simpson FIND ME! Bye!

What is one of the codes for Howrse?

There are no more codes for Howrse anymore because of everyone getting into them. Sorry!