How do I play a video on my phone?

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Can i play you tube video on LG KM900?

Yes you can, all you need is to have access on your phone then it will play.

YouTube videos do not play on my mobile phone.?

if you are using cheaper cell ; you cant play youtube video in your cell. i have samsung star 3g its direct play youtube video.;-)

Can you get video player for boost phones?

Yes, because ur boost mobile phone can play camcorder then it should play video. if ur phone sayd "page size not supported" then that means u have taken up to much memory or u cant be done by phone.

Should you get Xperia Play or PS3 first?

A PS3 is not a phone and you should have a phone before you purchase a video game console.

What video format your phone t23 duo can play?

mp4,3gp low resolutions only

How can you get a video from your phone to play on your laptop?

There would be a connecting cable between the phone and the laptop and that has to be the connection between the two.Bluetooth could be another method though to get the pictures and video transferred vice versa.

Is the song called telephone or video phone?

video phone

What is the song video phone by lady gaga about?

a video phone

Can the samsung R451C from straighttalk receive video messages or play videos?

Yes, I have that model cell phone jus not sure what format the video has to be in

How do you play video from a phone on a non blue-tooth 7.2 inch touchscreen boss car stereo?

One can play video from a phone on a non blue-tooth 7.2 inch touchscreen boss car stereo by use of a USB cable.

How the live video send to another video phone while calling from video phone?

go on the internet

What is the playlist of The Killers on their 2009 tour?

Mr. Brightside Play VideoSpaceman Play VideoFor Reasons Unknown Play VideoBones Play VideoJoy Ride Play VideoI Can't Stay Play VideoBling (Confession of a King) Play VideoShadowplay (Joy Division cover) Play VideoSomebody Told Me Play VideoSmile Like You Mean It Play VideoHuman Play VideoChange Your Mind Play VideoLosing TouchA Dustland Fairytale Play VideoCan't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover) Play VideoRead My Mind Play VideoAll These Things That I've Done Play VideoEncore:This Is Your Life Play VideoJenny Was A Friend Of Mine Play VideoWhen You Were YoungThis was their setlist for their hometown Las Vegas at the Mandalay events center.

Why does it take so long for a video to play on my android phone no matter what app I go to?

The graphics on mobile devices can be overwhelmed by some types of video files

How can I see the video to Beyonce's song Video Phone?

You can see the video to Beyonce's song Video Phone on YouTube. See related link.

What are the features of a broadband video phone?

The features of a broadband video phone are video conferences which can easily be set up. It usually combines the analog phone with a video display and uses an internet connection to send the video information.

What was the first cell phone with video recording?

The first phone with video recording was the J-phone which used a ccd sensor.

When was Video Phone - song - created?

Video Phone - song - was created in 2008.

How do you play avi files in windows mobiles?

You have to sync the avi with your Windows Phone Zune software on your computer and it should play. If it doesn't play correctly try a video conversion software such as Freemake to convert it into a phone friendly form of avi. If you have a Windows Mobile phone then the converter is your best bet. It always worked for me.

What was invented after the cell-phone?

Video Chatter

Can you play FarmVille on mobile phone?

(you can play it on a Iphone, or a phone that is Windows operated) You CAN NOT play it on a windows phone

When my girlfriend sends me a video on her cell phone some videos will say unsupported video file or unsupported file type how can i fix the videos that show error message?

well, what is the file format of the video? depending on the file format, you'll need various codecs to play the video back... also, if you are trying to watch the video ON a cell phone, odds are you will never be able to watch it on that cell phone- the codecs aren't easily updated on cell phones.

How do you play internet video in mobile?

how to play net video in mobile

How do you put a video on YouTube from your phone?

First you have to record a video on your phone than share it to youtube than uplaod it

When did Lady Gaga song video phone first come out?

Lady GaGa does not sing video phone beyonce does

How can you play a video saved on your HTC One by a desktop web browser?

You can try some wireless connection app, such as Airdroid, Web PC Suite. I installed the latter one on my Android phone. Let me show you how to do it.Open a web browser on your desktop and key in what your phone prompts you, then scan a QR code displayed on the page by your phone camera.OK, now your phone and computer are connected. You can choose a video to play on any browser.Hope it helps.