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How do I recover a deleted PowerPoint file?

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If the Recycle Bin (in Windows) has not yet been emptied, you can restore it from there. Otherwise, refer to the instructional video and a link for a free utility (Restoration) to help. I have posted the related links.

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How do you recover a deleted file on a Pokemon game cartridge?

You can not.

How do you recover deleted hidden file from memory card?

you can use file recovery program to recover deleted files, it does not matter whether it hidden. See related link for file recovery program.

Where can you recover a deleted file from?

From the recycle bin...... If the recycle bin has emptied, then you will need to recover deleted files with some data recovery tools.

How do I get my deleted game back in Pokemon pearl please help?

You may not recover a deleted file.

How do you recover a deleted file in memory card?

You don't. Once it has been deleted, it's gone.

What utility would you use to recover a deleted file?

There are many utility outside to recover deleted files. The one I used before includes asoftech data recovery, 001 file recovery.

Which command in dos can be used to recover accidentally deleted?

You can recover your file by undelete command: undelete <filename>

How can one recover deleted computer files to the hard disk drive?

If one deletes a file from a computer and it is no longer in the recycle bin, the data still remains on the hard drive. One an use a file recovery system to attempt to recover the deleted file. When a file is deleted the sector on the hard drive is considered "free space" and as long as other material has not been saved to that free space it is likely the deleted file can be recovered.

How do you retrieve a shift deleted file?

Commonly use to recover a deleted file is to go in the recycle bin and restore it but if the file is deleted through shift-delete the file will not find in the bin. To retrieve the files that were deleted by shift-delete, you will need to download and install the shift delete file recovery software which is downloadable online.

How can you recover temporally deleted file?

When you delete a file by dragging or hit Delete key, the deleted files will be listed in Recycle Bin. Please click Restore to recover it. If you delete a file with hitting Shift and Delete or emptied recycle bin, to recover these files, you will need some third-party data reocvery tools.

Can you retrieve your deleted pictures from Skype?

It is possible to recover deleted pictures if it is done right away. If not done right away the file could become so lost in your computer that you may never recover it. When deleted a small piece of the file remains which gives a small chance for recovery.

Internet Download Manager deleted file recover?

give me back and restore my idm

How can you recover a recent backup file you accidentally deleted?

Restore your computer to an earlier date when you had saved your file or Using ERD Commander disk to recover deleted files. Generally the second option works more better because i have used that.

Why is my save file deleted on Pokemon Sapphire When i was saving it restarted by itself and when it started it said save file is deleted I did A LOT on it Can i recover it?

i don't know, but i don't think so

How can you recover an unsaved PowerPoint file on a Mac OSX?

In this case you can try software-based instrument restoring powerpoint files of any version MS PowerPoint. You may look at tool below.

Why does file recovery no allow you to use the free downloaded software to recover a file?

Generally speaking, free downloaded software is shareware, which cannot enter the file system, that is why the file recovery does not allow free-downloaded software to recover a file.Recover a file is not an easy job all the time. Common free software does not have the ability to conduct the file recovery. As all file system does not deleted physically when user delete the files, it hides the deleted files there. However, the key point is that, the deleted files are inaccessible to general users or programs, users have to use some powerful tool to enter the file system to do the recovery. That is why the free-downloaded software or the shareware cannot recover a file.

How do you recover a deleted game file?

Sorry, Bud, but as far as I know, it's impossible. Once you delete the file, it's gone.

If a Zune removes a file because the source file from the computer was deleted is there a way to recover the file that the Zune deleted?

If it's actually on your Zune device, you can view that song on the software, right click the song and "copy to my collection"

If you have to recover a deleted file?

If you want the deleted files back from Windows hard drives, firstly you can check the Recycle Bin to see if the deleted files are stored there. If you have emptied the Recyel Bin, then you will need some data recovery tools to help you recover the deleted files from hard disks.

How do you recover a file deleted from recycle bin in windows xp and a file deleted from trash in RHEL4?

For windows XP get yourself a copy of diskternals. I have had some very good results in the past with this program.

How do you recover deleted data from Pokemon diamond?

You can't recover deleted data.

How to Recover Deleted Files?

Deleting a file does not actually remove the file from your hard drive. It merely marks the space the file resides in as available until new data overwrites the old file. Special software can help users recover deleted files by marking that space as unavailable for use and again associating the space with the file name. Recovery is impossible if the data has already been overwritten. Deleted files should be recovered quickly for this reason.

How do you recover files from three days?

Mac File Recovery Software can do.It can recover recent deleted files with original name and path,supporting HFS,HFS+ and FAT file system.

How can one recover files that were accidentally deleted from one's hard drive?

One can recover files that were accidentally deleted from one's hard drive by downloading a file recovery software. These tools can typically find recently deleted files that wouldn't be able to be recovered otherwise.

Can you recover a deleted video?

Whether you can recover a deleted video, or any other computer file, depends on where the video was stored before being deleted, how you deleted it, whether the space has been written over since deletion, and also how much time and money you want to put into the effort. Dependingon all the above, you might or might not be able to recover it.

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