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You should find that option under menu setup 1.

Go to this page and scroll down to the menus.

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Where can one purchase a memory card for a Canon Digital Rebel XTI camera?

Memory cards for a Canon Digital XTI camera can be purchased from Amazon. These items will also be available from local high street photography store.

How many pictures will the Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 15MP IS Digital SLR Camera take ?

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 15MP IS Digital SLR Camera has an expandable memory so picture capacity is based on the size of the storage card.

What memory card size do you need for a canon rebel t2i digital camera?

Sadly when you buy the camera it doesn't come with a card. I would suggest getting at least 2gb memory for your sd card, 8gb if you plan on taking more video.

What memory card can be used with a Canon Elph?

there are special memory cards for canon elph digital cameras

What is the capacity of the memory cards used with Canon digital cameras?

The highest capacity memory card available to use with a Canon digital camera is one that has a 8GB size. This card can be purchased at Walmart or Target for about $15.

Can you use a Kodak 2GB memory card in a Canon Powershot 940 Digital Camera?

If it is a SD or SDHC card, then yes you can as I believe Kodak and Canon use them. The card typically has it's name on the front of it.

Why do GameCube memory cards reformat?

GameCube memory cards can reformat when something is wrong with the memory card, such as it becoming corrupt. You can also reformat the memory card manually through the GameCube's memory card manager.

What memory card is recommended for the canon t2i?

The canon t2i uses secure digital (SD) memory cards. The GB size you choose is up to you. Since the canon t2i shoots video you will need a high speed SD card.

How do you retrieve pictures from a canon eos rebel xti if no camera card was in?

If you insert the USB cord directly into the camera, and open the CANON software which comes with the camera it should be able to find the pictures.

How do you reformat a Kingston sd card?

There are various ways to reformat a Kingston SD card. You can insert it in your computer and then right-click on it and click on the format option. This will erase all the data in the card.

How do you reformat 3120?

Nokia 3120 Classic with memory card can reformat through PC. Just click Format.

How do you reformat a R4i Gold?

You don't need to reformat the r4i gold card. You just need to format the MicroSD card, and reinstall the r4i gold kernel and games. Nothing about the r4i gold card.

Micro sd card locked by code?

reformat the cardl

How you remove 2gb micro sd card password?

Reformat it

You put a 2 gig micro sd in to your samsung A551 mobile and says error when you click yes for it to reformat what do you do?

Use a card reader, read the memory card from your computer and reformat it from there.

What are some brands of memory digital cameras?

The brands that use memory digital camera are Canon, Sony, Panasinic, Nikon, Fuji, Samsung, Medion etc. These digital camerar use built in memory and have option for extra memory card.

How do you reformat memory card through computer?

that's what i wanna know

How do you clean an SD card?

You reformat it. In windows click my computer or my pc. Then you right-click on the sd card.

How can you remove password in micro sd card?

One way is to reformat the card -- you will lose all the stuff on it.

What kind of camera is Canon EOS 40D?

The Canon EOS 40D is professional camera used to take high definition digital photos with a lens mechanism manufactured in Japan. It is able to store these photos on a SD card.

How do you retrieve lost space on xd picture card?

Try reformat the card. This will erase all current information on the card so be careful to make copies of what you want to keep first. Go through the different option in the cameras menus there is usually the option to reformat the card (sometimes the card is referred to as 'media')

What is the role of a digital card reader?

What is the role of a digital card reader?

How do you recover deleted images on your canon rebel?

A CF card reader and a file recovery software to undeletethe pictures (ex. Recuva) are required. If the pictures were under jpg format, all file recovery software will do. If in raw format. make sure the file recovery software support it.You can't read the CF card directly from the Rebel.

Why does your computer say an error was encountered trying to eject removable disk?

Won't work for everyone:1. Your SD, xD, whatever card needs reformatting, because of several reasons: you fumbled when putting it in, it caught a glitch,...2. Shut down Computer3. Remove card from reader.4. Place card in camera/device and reformat it. Usually, when you "erase" the card, it will reformat. If not, make sure you find a way to reformat the card.5. Worked for me, but there can be other circumstances.

How do you reformat the memory card?

You can normally plug a memory card into a computer jack. From there, simply right-click it on My Computer and click Format